CS2 & Skins Glossary

By David

Dive into the world of Counter Strike 2 with our CS2 & Skins Glossary, designed to decode the language of this iconic game. Dictionary isn't just about understanding terms; it's a deep dive into the heart of CS2 culture. From tactical jargon to the aesthetics of skins, the CS2 Glossary is your ally in mastering the game's unique lexicon and its visual splendors.

CS2 Glossary ABC Graphic
CS2 Glossary ABC Graphic

Strategic Map Callouts

In competitive CS2, knowing the standard map callouts is just the beginning. Advanced players must be familiar with callouts that can make the difference in high-level play. Below is a table of lesser-known callouts for popular maps, along with their tactical implications.

Map Callout Location Description Tactical Implication
Dust II "Gandalf" The corner at Long A near the pit Ideal for ambushes and delaying enemy pushes
Inferno "Dark Spot" The corner in Banana close to B site Useful for surprise attacks and controlling Banana
Mirage "Firebox" Near A site, beside the fire Crucial for defending A site from stealth positions
Overpass "Barrels" B site, behind the cylindrical containers Key for holding off B site rushes
Cache "Shroud" Boost spot on A site Provides an elevated angle for A site defense

CS2 & Skins Glossary


  • AFK (Away From Keyboard): Commonly used to indicate a player is temporarily not playing or attending to the game.
  • APM (Actions Per Minute): A measure of how many actions (like clicks and key presses) a player performs in a minute. High APM can indicate a player's skill and efficiency.
  • Ace: Achieving all kills in a round by a single player.
  • AWP: A powerful sniper rifle known for its one-shot kill potential.
  • Asiimov: A series of skins known for their futuristic, orange, black, and white design. Popular on weapons like the AWP and M4A4.
  • Autotronic: A skin pattern featuring a clean, red and silver metallic look, often seen on knives and pistols.
  • Atheris: A skin for the AWP with a striking viper snake design, known for its green and black color scheme.
  • Aqua Terrace: A skin for the SG 553 featuring a water-themed pattern with blue and green hues.


  • Baiting: A tactic where a player deliberately exposes themselves to lure enemies into a trap set by teammates.
  • Bombsite Stack: Placing the majority of a team at a single bombsite in anticipation of an attack.
  • Boost: Using a teammate to reach higher positions not accessible by jumping alone.
  • Bunny Hopping: A movement technique where players jump repeatedly to gain speed and make themselves harder to hit.
  • Banana Cannon: An R8 Revolver skin with a playful, banana-themed design.
  • Boost: A term used in the community for increasing the value of a skin through in-game actions or stickers.
  • Bloodsport: An AK-47 skin characterized by its modern, sporty design with red, black, and white colors.
  • Buzz Kill: A skin for the M4A4 featuring a mechanical, bee-inspired design with yellow and black stripes.


  • Clutch: Winning a situation where you are significantly outnumbered, usually the last player standing.
  • Crossfire: A setup where teammates position themselves to cover different angles, making it hard for enemies to engage without being exposed.
  • CT (Counter-Terrorist): One of the two teams in CS2, tasked with stopping the terrorists from planting the bomb or defusing it if planted.
  • Cyberforce: An SG 553 skin with a futuristic, cybernetic aesthetic.
  • Clutch Case: A popular case known for containing a variety of sought-after skins.
  • Case Hardened: A skin pattern known for its randomized blue and purple steel appearance, popular on knives and the AK-47.
  • Crimson Web: A skin design featuring a red and black spider web pattern, highly prized on knives and the Deagle.


  • Deagle (Desert Eagle): A high-powered pistol known for its ability to kill enemies with a single shot to the head.
  • Delayed Rush: A strategy where the team delays their push into a site to confuse the enemy and potentially catch them off-guard.
  • Drop: Giving a weapon to a teammate, usually due to economic strategies or weapon preferences.
  • Dry Run: Executing a strategy or tactic without using any utility like smokes or flashbangs.
  • Double Peek: Coordinated action where two players peek a corner simultaneously from different angles to challenge an enemy.
  • Dragon Lore: One of the most iconic and expensive skins, particularly for the AWP, known for its intricate dragon design.
  • Doppler: A knife skin pattern with a unique, phase-based color scheme, ranging from ruby to sapphire shades.
  • Desolate Space: An M4A4 skin with a space-themed design, featuring an astronaut and cosmic visuals.
  • Dark Water: A skin with a dark, murky water pattern, giving a stealthy look to weapons like the M4A1-S and USP-S.


  • Eco (Economy Round): A round where the team decides to save money, often buying minimal or no equipment.
  • Eco Cobra: A player who excels in low-economy rounds.
  • Economy Calls: Communicate team economy status for coordinated buy rounds or save rounds.
  • Entry Frag: The first kill of an engagement, typically opening up a site or area for the team.
  • Execute: A coordinated team move to take control of a bombsite, usually involving utility and pre-planned positions.
  • Empress: A regal, detailed skin found on weapons like the AK-47, featuring a figure reminiscent of historical empresses.
  • Eco: A bright green and white skin, symbolizing eco-friendliness, available on various weapons.
  • Elite Build: A skin series with a sleek, black and orange industrial design, available on multiple weapons.
  • Electric Hive: An AWP skin with a vibrant, electric blue and orange honeycomb pattern.


  • Flashbang: A grenade that temporarily blinds players who look at it when it explodes.
  • Fake Executes: A tactic where a team simulates an attack on one site to draw the enemy's defense away from the actual target site.
  • Frag: Another term for a kill in the game.
  • Full Buy: When a team spends most of their money on weapons, armor, and utilities.
  • Fade: A gradient skin pattern with a mix of vibrant colors, popular on knives and pistols.
  • Fire Serpent: A rare AK-47 skin with a serpent design, highly valued in the community.
  • Frontside Misty: An AK-47 skin featuring a frosty blue and white design with a mist-like appearance.
  • Fuel Injector: A bright yellow skin with black accents, giving a high-energy, mechanical look to weapons like the AK-47 and Tec-9.
  • Frostbite: A skin with a cold, icy theme, often seen on the Revolver R8 and other weapons.


  • Gank: A strategy where a player or group of players ambushes an unsuspecting enemy, often used in team coordination.
  • GG (Good Game): A term used to show sportsmanship at the end of a game, regardless of the outcome.
  • Grenade Stack: Coordinating with teammates to throw multiple grenades at the same spot simultaneously for maximum impact.
  • Guardian Angle: A position where a player can oversee and protect a key area or teammate.
  • Graffiti: Skins with street art-inspired designs, adding a vibrant and urban look to weapons.
  • Guardian: A skin series with a sleek, blue and silver design, symbolizing protection and vigilance.
  • Gamma Doppler: A knife skin pattern known for its phase-based color scheme, featuring green and black shades.
  • Golden Coil: A skin with a golden snake design wrapped around a black background, popular on the M4A1-S.
  • Galil AR Chatterbox: A Galil skin known for its animated jaw design and vibrant colors.


  • Headshot: A shot that hits an enemy in the head, typically causing maximum damage.
  • Hitbox: The areas of a player model that register damage when hit.
  • Hold: Maintaining control over an area or position, often against enemy attacks.
  • HP (Health Points): The measure of a player's health, with zero resulting in death in-game.
  • Hyper Beast: A series of skins with a wild, creature-based artwork, full of vibrant colors and aggressive designs.
  • Howl: An M4A4 skin known for its unique red and black design featuring a howling wolf, highly sought after by collectors.
  • Heat: A skin pattern with a fiery, red and orange design, giving a blazing appearance to weapons like the MAC-10 and Glock-18.
  • Hazard Pay: A skin with a yellow and black hazard tape design, often seen on the MP9 and other SMGs.
  • Huntsman Knife: A popular knife model with various skin designs, known for its unique blade shape and handling.


  • IGL (In-Game Leader): The player responsible for strategizing and making tactical decisions for the team.
  • Impact Frag: A kill that significantly influences the outcome of a round.
  • Incendiary Grenade: A grenade that creates a fire, blocking paths or flushing out enemies.
  • Info Play: A move made to gather information about the enemy's positions or strategies.
  • Icarus Fell: A M4A1-S skin with a sky-blue theme and feather-like patterns, reminiscent of the Greek myth of Icarus.
  • Inferno: A skin pattern inspired by the map Inferno, featuring warm colors and thematic elements from the map.
  • Iris: A skin with a floral, iris flower design, offering a more natural and serene look to weapons.
  • Imperial Dragon: A P90 skin with a detailed, Asian-inspired dragon design, known for its vibrant colors and intricate artwork.


  • Jiggle Peek: A technique where a player quickly peeks in and out of cover to spot enemies without exposing themselves too much.
  • Jump Shot: Firing while jumping, usually with a sniper rifle, to hit enemies from unexpected angles.
  • Jaguar: An AK-47 skin with a jaguar pattern, blending natural animal aesthetics with the weapon's design.
  • Judgement of Anubis: A detailed Deagle skin with ancient Egyptian motifs and hieroglyphs.
  • Jungle Tiger: A skin with a tiger stripe pattern set against a jungle green background, often seen on the M4A4.
  • Jet Set: A unique skin featuring a variety of travel stickers, giving a well-traveled look to weapons like the AK-47.


  • K/D (Kill/Death Ratio): A statistic representing the number of kills a player has for every death.
  • Kit: Refers to the defuse kit in bomb defusal maps, allowing faster bomb defusal.
  • Kobe: A term used when a player gets a kill with a grenade, named after the famous basketball player known for precise throws.
  • Kumicho Dragon: A Desert Eagle skin with a detailed dragon design, symbolizing power and strength.
  • Knife Skins: A category of highly coveted skins, with various patterns and designs exclusive to knives.
  • Koi: A skin with a tranquil koi fish design, offering a peaceful aesthetic to weapons like the Tec-9.
  • Kraken: An AWP skin featuring a mythical sea creature, known for its deep blue and sea green colors.


  • Lag: A delay between a player's action and the server's reaction, often due to internet issues.
  • Lurker: A player who operates separately from the team to flank or gather intelligence.
  • Loss Bonus: The money awarded to a team after a series of consecutive round losses.
  • Lore: A skin series with intricate, golden designs, popular on knives and the AWP.
  • Living Color: A vibrant, color-shifting skin, giving a psychedelic effect to weapons like the FAMAS.
  • Leather: A skin pattern that mimics the look and texture of leather, adding a classic touch to various pistols.
  • Lightning Strike: An AWP skin with a striking purple lightning design, known for its bold and electric appearance.


  • Molly (Molotov Cocktail): A throwable incendiary device used to block paths or clear areas.
  • Mouse Lift: The action of lifting the mouse to reposition it during high-sensitivity play.
  • Multi-kill: Achieving several kills in quick succession during a round.
  • Marble Fade: A multi-colored skin pattern with a smooth, marble-like finish, popular on knives and the Fire Serpent.
  • Mecha Industries: A skin series with a clean, white and black mechanical design, seen on weapons like the M4A4 and FAMAS.
  • Mortis: An AWP skin with a dark, death-themed design, featuring skeletal imagery and muted colors.
  • Moonrise: A skin with a night sky theme, displaying a city skyline against a backdrop of a moonlit sky.


  • Nade Stack: Coordinating with teammates to throw multiple grenades at the same spot for strategic advantage.
  • Ninja Defuse: Stealthily defusing the bomb without the enemy noticing, typically done in the absence of the opposing team.
  • No-scope: Firing a sniper rifle without using the scope, relying on instinct and skill for accuracy.
  • Neon Rider: A vibrant, neon-colored skin with a futuristic motorcycle theme, popular on the MAC-10 and AK-47.
  • Nightmare: A skin with a dark, horror-inspired design, featuring eerie figures and landscapes.
  • Neo-Noir: A series of skins with a noir film-inspired aesthetic, combining dark, moody colors with stylish artwork.
  • Nuclear Garden: A skin with a radioactive green theme, often seen on the P250 and other weapons.


  • One-tap: Killing an enemy with a single shot, usually to the head, demonstrating precision and skill.
  • Overrotate: When a team mistakenly moves too many players to one part of the map, leaving other areas vulnerable.
  • Overtime: An extension of the game when teams end regular rounds with equal scores, used to determine the winner.
  • Ocean Foam: A skin with a calming, sea foam green and blue pattern, giving a tranquil look to the P2000 and AWP.
  • Orion: A sleek, space-themed skin with a starry black and white design, popular on the USP-S.
  • Oni Taiji: A detailed AK-47 skin with Japanese demon artwork, known for its vibrant colors and cultural motifs.
  • Opal: A skin with a gemstone-like appearance, featuring shimmering blue and green hues.


  • Peek: The action of moving into view to spot enemies, often quickly and from behind cover.
  • Pick: Gaining an early advantage by getting an opening kill, often by a sniper or a player holding an angle.
  • Pixel Shot: Hitting an enemy barely visible on the screen.
  • Pre-fire: Shooting at a common hiding spot or angle in anticipation of an enemy being there.
  • PUG (Pick Up Game): An informal game, often with mixed teams of players who don't regularly play together.
  • Poseidon: A rare AWP skin with an oceanic theme, featuring the image of the Greek god Poseidon.
  • Pandora's Box: A highly coveted glove skin with a purple and black pattern, symbolizing mystery and allure.
  • Phobos: A skin with a space exploration theme, featuring a starry galaxy design on weapons like the G3SG1.
  • Prism: A skin series with a colorful, geometric pattern, adding a modern and artistic touch to various pistols.


  • Quickscope: Using a sniper rifle to aim and shoot almost simultaneously, requiring quick reflexes and precision.
  • Quarantine: A tactical move to isolate and contain an enemy or area, limiting their options.
  • Quicksilver: A skin with a sleek, metallic silver design, giving a futuristic look to the MP7 and other SMGs.
  • Quantum Leap: A skin with a science-themed design, featuring atomic and molecular imagery on the SG 553.


  • Retake: The action of trying to regain control of a bombsite after the bomb has been planted.
  • Rotate: The movement of players from one part of the map to another, often in response to enemy actions.
  • Rush: A strategy involving fast and aggressive movement towards a target or area, often used to catch the enemy off-guard.
  • Redline: A popular skin series with a minimalist red and black design, seen on the AK-47 and AWP.
  • Royal Paladin: An M4A1-S skin with a regal, knight-themed design, featuring gold and blue accents.
  • Reactor: A skin with a nuclear reactor theme, combining bright yellow and hazard symbols on the MP9.
  • Rust Coat: A unique skin pattern that gives weapons a rusted, weathered appearance, popular on knives.


  • Save: Choosing to preserve weapons and equipment for the next round instead of attempting a difficult retake or clutch.
  • Skin rarity: The rarer a skin is, the more valuable it tends to be. This includes skins that are no longer available or were part of limited-time events.
  • Skin Trade-Up Potential: Skins that can be used in trade-up contracts to potentially obtain a higher-tier skin can also have increased value.
  • Skin condition: Skins come in different conditions, from 'Factory New' to 'Battle-Scarred'. Generally, the better the condition (closer to 'Factory New'), the higher the value.
  • Skin demand: Popular skins, due to their aesthetic appeal or association with professional players or teams, can command higher prices.
  • Souvenir Skins: These are skins dropped during CS:GO Major Championships and have unique stickers attached. Their value is often higher due to their rarity and the event's significance.
  • Smurf: An experienced player using a lower-ranked account, often dominating less skilled players.
  • Spray Control: The skill of managing a weapon's recoil to maintain accuracy during continuous fire.
  • Strat: Short for strategy, referring to the planned approach or tactic for a round.
  • Shattered Web: A skin series with a spider web motif, known for its intricate designs and dark, ominous colors.
  • Sunset Storm: A vibrant skin with a sunset theme, featuring warm oranges and reds, popular on the Desert Eagle.
  • Safari Mesh: A skin pattern with a camouflage design, mimicking the look of safari gear, common on rifles and knives.
  • Slaughter: A knife skin pattern with a red and white color scheme, resembling streaks of blood and reminiscent of a slaughterhouse.


  • Tagged: A term used when a player is hit and significantly damaged but not killed.
  • Tilt: A state of frustration or decreased performance, often due to repeated failures or enemy tactics.
  • Trade: Quickly eliminating an enemy who has just killed a teammate, maintaining numerical balance.
  • Tiger Tooth: A knife skin with a golden yellow and black striped pattern, resembling the fur of a tiger.
  • The Emperor: An M4A4 skin with a majestic, emperor-themed design, featuring royal blue and gold colors.
  • Tacticat: A playful skin with a cartoon cat design, adding a whimsical touch to weapons like the Glock-18.
  • Toxic: A skin series with a biohazard theme, featuring bright green and black colors, seen on weapons like the M4A1-S.


  • Utility: Collective term for grenades and other equipment used for strategic purposes rather than direct combat.
  • Unscoped: Firing a sniper rifle without using the scope, similar to no-scope but often referring to repeated shots.
  • Ultraviolet: A skin pattern with a deep purple and black color scheme, giving a sleek and mysterious look to pistols and knives.
  • Urban DDPAT: A camouflage pattern with urban gray tones, commonly used on rifles and SMGs.
  • Uncharted: A skin with an adventurous theme, featuring ancient map designs and exploration motifs.
  • Umpire: A skin for the UMP-45 with a baseball theme, complete with stitching and leather-like textures.


  • VAC (Valve Anti-Cheat): The anti-cheat software used in CS2 to detect and prevent cheating.
  • Vertical Play: Utilizing different levels of the map, such as upper and lower areas, for tactical advantage.
  • Vulcan: An AK-47 skin with a futuristic, blue and black design, known for its sharp and aggressive look.
  • Victoria: A regal, Victorian-themed skin for the P90, featuring ornate gold patterns on a deep red background.
  • Ventilators: A skin series with a mechanical, vent-like design, seen on pistols and SMGs.
  • Vice: A vibrant, Miami Vice-inspired skin with neon pink and blue colors, popular on the MP7.


  • Wallbang: Shooting through penetrable surfaces to hit enemies.
  • Whiff: Missing shots or failing to hit the enemy, often in situations where it should have been easy.
  • Wildfire: A skin with a blazing fire theme, featuring vibrant red and orange flames, seen on the AK-47 and other weapons.
  • Water Elemental: A Glock-18 skin with a liquid, water-themed design, combining blues and reds.
  • Wasteland Rebel: An AK-47 skin with a post-apocalyptic design, featuring graffiti and rugged textures.
  • Weasel: A playful skin with a cartoon weasel design, adding a fun and quirky look to the PP-Bizon.


  • X-Ray Vision: A spectator feature that allows viewers to see players through walls, not available in normal gameplay.
  • X-Ray: A P250 skin with a skeletal, X-ray inspired design, featuring transparent bone patterns over a dark background.
  • Xiangliu: A skin for the MAC-10 with a Chinese dragon theme, characterized by vibrant colors and intricate patterns.


  • Yolo Rush: An extremely aggressive and often reckless strategy, typically involving rushing into enemy territory without much planning.
  • Yellow Jacket: A skin for the Glock-18 with a striking yellow and black design, reminiscent of a yellow jacket wasp.
  • Yorick: A M4A1-S skin with a medieval, grave-themed design, featuring stone and bone motifs.


  • Zero-Day: A situation where teams have no prior knowledge or experience of a new map or strategy.
  • Zoning: Using utility or positioning to control or limit the movement of the enemy team.
  • Zirka: A skin for the M4A1-S with a star-themed design, combining deep blue and gold colors.
  • Zodiac: A skin series with astrological motifs, each weapon featuring a different zodiac sign and corresponding imagery.

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