Ultimate Dragonflight Blacksmithing Guide: Leveling, Specializations, and Gold Making

By Randy

Welcome to the Ultimate Dragonflight Blacksmithing Guide, your comprehensive resource for mastering the art of Blacksmithing in the latest World of Warcraft expansion. Blacksmithing has always been a cornerstone profession in Azeroth, and with Dragonflight, it has evolved into an even more intricate and rewarding craft. Whether you're forging mighty weapons, crafting impenetrable armor, or honing your skills to turn a profit, this guide is designed to navigate you through every anvil strike and molten pour. Let's embark on this journey to become a master Blacksmith in the Dragon Isles!

art representation of blacksmithing profession in world of warcraft
art representation of blacksmithing profession in world of warcraft

Section 1: Understanding Blacksmithing in Dragonflight

Blacksmithing in Dragonflight isn't just about hammering metal; it's about mastering a craft that's deeply woven into the fabric of the game. With the introduction of new features and mechanics, Blacksmithing has become more dynamic and engaging than ever before.

New Features and Mechanics:
  • Crafting Specializations: Choose your path with specialized talent trees.
  • Knowledge Points: Earn and spend these points to unlock advanced recipes and perks.
  • Crafting Orders: Fulfill orders for other players, crafting items directly for them.
Utility of Blacksmithing:
  • For Raiders and PvPers: Craft end-game gear and weapons to conquer the toughest content.
  • For Casual Players: Create items for daily use, trade, or collection.
  • For Gold Makers: Utilize Blacksmithing to generate a steady income.

Section 2: Preparing for Blacksmithing

Before you light the forge and start hammering away, there are a few preparations to make. From choosing the right race to finding trainers, this section covers everything you need to set up your Blacksmithing journey.

Best Races and Classes for Blacksmithing:
Race Class Benefit
Dark Iron Dwarf Warrior +5 Blacksmithing skill, faster crafting
Lightforged Draenei Paladin +10 Blacksmithing skill, unique recipes
Locations of Blacksmithing Trainers and Resources:
  • The Waking Shores: Home to the first Blacksmithing trainers you'll encounter.
  • Valdrakken: The central hub for all your Blacksmithing needs.
Initial Setup:
  • Tools of the Trade: Ensure you have a Blacksmith Hammer and anvil access.
  • Workstations: Locate the nearest forge for smelting and crafting.
  • Initial Recipes: Learn the basic recipes from your trainer to start leveling.
art representation of blacksmithing profession in world of warcraft
art representation of blacksmithing profession in world of warcraft

Section 3: Leveling Your Blacksmithing Profession

Leveling Blacksmithing in Dragonflight is a journey of precision and patience. This section provides a detailed guide on progressing from a novice to a master Blacksmith.

Leveling Path from 1-100:
  • 1-25: Focus on basic recipes using common ores.
  • 26-50: Start incorporating uncommon reagents for more complex items.
  • 51-75: Delve into specialized recipes that require rare materials.
  • 76-100: Master the art of crafting epic gear and weapons.
Shopping Lists for Materials:
Levels 1-25:
  • 100x Copper Ore
  • 50x Tin Ore
  • 30x Weak Flux
Levels 26-50:
  • 150x Iron Ore
  • 75x Coal
  • 50x Strong Flux
Levels 51-75:
  • 200x Mithril Ore
  • 100x Dense Stone
  • 80x Mighty Flux
Levels 76-100:
  • 250x Thorium Ore
  • 125x Arcane Crystal
  • 100x Elemental Flux
Efficient Crafting Strategies:
  • Multicrafting: Focus on recipes that allow for the creation of multiple items at once.
  • Resourcefulness: Optimize material usage to reduce waste.
  • Inspiration: Take advantage of moments of inspiration for higher-quality crafts.

Section 4: Mastering Blacksmithing Specializations

Choosing a specialization in Blacksmithing can significantly impact your crafting capabilities and profitability. Here's a breakdown of each path:

  • Armorsmithing: Specialize in creating plate armor. Ideal for those focused on gearing up for raids or PvP.
  • Weaponsmithing: Specialize in forging weapons. Perfect for those who want to arm the masses.
  • Specialty Smithing: Focus on crafting unique items like keys, shields, and repair bots.
  • Hammer Control: Enhance your crafting efficiency and quality across all Blacksmithing crafts.
Advantages and Unique Perks:
Specialization Advantages Unique Perks
Armorsmithing High demand for end-game gear Access to exclusive armor patterns
Weaponsmithing Consistent market for weapons Ability to craft unique weapon models
Specialty Smithing Niche market with less competition Craft items essential for dungeons and raids
Hammer Control Overall improvement in crafting Reduced material costs and increased multicraft chances
Talent Tree Recommendations:
  • For Profit: Invest in talents that reduce material costs and increase the chance of multicrafting.
  • For Quality: Focus on talents that enhance the quality of your crafts, making them more desirable.
  • For Speed: If you're crafting in bulk, talents that increase crafting speed can be invaluable.
art representing blackmisthing in wow
art representing blackmisthing in wow

Section 5: Crafting Stats and Reagents

Understanding the new crafting stats and the reagents required for Blacksmithing is crucial for any aspiring master.

Crafting Stats Explained:
  • Multicraft: Increases the chance of creating additional items.
  • Resourcefulness: Reduces the number of materials needed for crafting.
  • Inspiration: Boosts the chance of crafting higher-quality items.
  • Crafting Speed: Decreases the time it takes to craft items.
Primary Reagents Used in Blacksmithing:
  • Ores and Bars: The backbone of Blacksmithing. From Copper to the rare Khorium, each metal has its place.
  • Fluxes and Oils: Used to purify metals and enhance their properties.
  • Gems and Crystals: Often required for high-end crafts, sourced from Jewelcrafting.
Collaboration with Other Professions:
  • Jewelcrafting: Source gems and crystals for your crafts.
  • Alchemy: Obtain oils and essences used in advanced recipes.
  • Mining: Partner with miners to secure a steady supply of ores and stones.

Section 6: Making Gold with Blacksmithing

Blacksmithing can be a lucrative profession if approached strategically. Here's how you can turn your Blacksmithing skills into a steady stream of gold.

Early Expansion Phase:
  • Consumables: Craft and sell Whetstones and Weightstones; they're always in demand.
  • Basic Gear: New expansions mean new characters. Craft and sell entry-level gear for fresh alts.
Mid Expansion Phase:
  • Specialty Items: Focus on items required for raiding or PvP, such as specific armor pieces or weapons.
  • Crafting Orders: Take advantage of the Crafting Order system to fulfill specific player requests.
Late Expansion Phase:
  • High-End Gear: As players accumulate resources, the demand for high-end gear increases.
  • Rare Crafts: Items with unique appearances or uses can fetch a high price.
Tips for Utilizing the Crafting Orders System:
  • Stay Competitive: Keep your prices fair and competitive to attract more orders.
  • Quality Matters: Higher-quality crafts can command higher prices.
  • Timeliness: Complete orders promptly to build a good reputation.
Profitable Items to Craft and Sell:
  • Consumables: Sharpening Stones, Shield Spikes, and Grinding Wheels.
  • Gear: Crafted armor and weapons with desirable stats or appearances.
  • Pets and Mounts: If available, these can be significant gold earners.
art representing blacksmithing in world of warcraft
art representing blacksmithing in world of warcraft

Section 7: Advanced Blacksmithing Techniques

To truly master Blacksmithing, you need to go beyond the basics. Here are some advanced techniques and secrets to elevate your craft.

Crafting at Specific Locations:
  • Shadowflame Forge: Certain items can only be crafted at this special forge, often yielding higher-quality results.

Farming Renown and Using Knowledge Points:

  • Renown Farming: Participate in activities that increase your renown with Blacksmithing factions to unlock special recipes.
  • Knowledge Point Allocation: Spend your Knowledge Points wisely to unlock the most profitable or useful recipes.

Section 8: Community and Resources

No Blacksmith is an island. Engage with the community and utilize resources to enhance your craft.

Community Resources:
  • Forums: Places like the official WoW forums or Reddit can be goldmines of information.
  • Guides: Look for updated guides or videos from reputable sources to stay on top of changes.
Interactive Tools and Calculators:
  • Material Calculators: Use these to plan out your crafts and budget your resources.
  • Profit Calculators: To help you determine the most profitable items to craft.


Blacksmithing in Dragonflight is a rich and rewarding profession, offering both challenges and opportunities. Whether you're crafting for personal use, gearing up for the next raid, or turning a profit, the possibilities are as vast as the Dragon Isles themselves. We hope this guide serves as your anvil and hammer in forging your path to Blacksmithing mastery.


Appendix A: Blacksmithing Leveling Materials Checklist
Level Range Materials Needed Quantity
1-25 Copper Ore 100
Tin Ore 50
Weak Flux 30
26-50 Iron Ore 150
Coal 75
Strong Flux 50
51-75 Mithril Ore 200
Dense Stone 100
Mighty Flux 80
76-100 Thorium Ore 250
Arcane Crystal 125
Elemental Flux 100
Appendix B: Blacksmithing Specializations Overview
Specialization Focus Area Key Benefits
Armorsmithing Armor Exclusive patterns, high demand for end-game gear
Weaponsmithing Weapons Unique weapon models, consistent market demand
Specialty Smithing Specialty Items Niche market, essential items for dungeons/raids
Hammer Control Efficiency Reduced material costs, increased multicraft chances
Appendix C: Profitable Blacksmithing Crafts
Item Category Examples Market Phase
Consumables Whetstones, Weightstones Early
Basic Gear Entry-level armor, weapons Early
Specialty Items Raiding/PvP gear Mid
High-End Gear Epic armor and weapons Late
Rare Crafts Unique appearances, mounts Late

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