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If you've got more questions, you can always ask us, we're happy to answer.

GameBoost is a legal company registered under "Global Gaming Services d.o.o.", GameBoost administrates and operates on the website designed for buying digital services, such as Boosting & Coaching in a a variety of online games, as well as selling accounts of those games.

GameBoost has perfected the art of gaming services, whether it is boosting, coaching or buying accounts. All of our services have the most affordable pricing and the highest strandards in the market.

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Yes, you can do so easily. Just proceed with your order normaly and select "continue as a guest" when asked to login.
If you purchase a service as a guest, you will receive all the information about the service on the e-mail address that you provided at the beginning of the process.

We provide a wide variety of game related services such as: Elo Boosing, Coaching and Account Selling.
In addition to the services, we offer a large range of customizations from solo or duo boosting to specific champion or role, you can even pick the summoner's spells you want when ordering and much more.

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Yes, it does. GameBoost has a blog section, and if you are interested, please check our articles here.

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We have a lot of payment providers that you can choose, from Bank Payment to Crypto. If you have a Visa or Mastercard, you can easily pay with Stripe or Ecommpay in a minute.

Stripe, Ecommpay, Skrill and

Some of the transactions can be delayed until they reach us. Please contact us with the receipt of your payment and we will set your order as paid.

You can contact us on the website chat or discord. We will find an alternative payment provider for you.

Yes it is. You can check our Privacy Policy page for more information. Click here

Yes we have. You can read more about it on our Terms of Service page. Click here

League of Legends Boosting is a type of digital service where the main goal is to increase your current rank/MMR/LP. It is done with the help of a Booster that will play on your account or with you. ( Duo Queue )

A Booster is a trained High Elo Player that will be in charge of getting you to your desired rank/MMR/LP.

Your safety is our priority so we do everything to prevent a potential ban. The chances are really low with our safety measures. Even if it happens, we know some ways to get it unbanned.

Solo Boosting - Booster will play Solo Queue on your account until your desired division. Duo Boosting - You will play on your own account while Booster will play on his account. You will play together until your desired division. Win Boosting (Netwins) - Booster has to win the exact number of games that you ordered, for every loss he needs to win one more game.

Of course, you can choose everything before paying for your order. Free of Charge!

After a booster claims your order, you will be able to chat with him/her. If you're happy with booster's performance or completion time, you can easily tip the booster after the order is completed.

Yes you can. E-mail change is available for every account that you buy at GameBoost

GameBoost offers Lifetime Warranty for Smurf accounts. If one of them gets banned for botting, you'll get another one for free. ( You need to provide proof )

All of the Smurf accounts are unranked with 0 ranked games played on them.

Yes, for regular accounts listed on the account shop you can see all the contents on the account page.

We can put your account on sale but there are some important requirements before we can do that. Please message us on website chat or discord for more information.

Coaching is one of the most beneficial game services, where you will select one of our coaches, and he will work on improving your overall game knowledge and provide you with further insights. The goal is that after the end of the session you become a more skilled played with a better understanding of the game.

In the coaching page, we have a catalogue of our available coaches, each coach sets a certain price per hour.

Yes, all of our coaches are listed on the coaching page, so make sure to use the filters well and find your perfect match.

It's hard to say. All the coaches have different ways of teaching and therefore it's hard to state how a lesson with a certain coach will look. What we can say is that they will try to make you a better player, help you with positioning and work on certain game subjects such as objectives advantage, farming, itemising, abusing the opponent, and how to pilot certain champions

Do not hesitate anymore!

Join our 29,000+ clients and get to your desired rank at the fastest speed.

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