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Account Data

Current Rank
Diamond Diamond IV
Flex Rank
Unranked Unranked
Previous Rank
Unranked Unranked
Europe West
39 (by bot)
Blue Essence
Riot Points
  • Alistar


  • Amumu


  • Annie


  • Ashe


  • Darius


  • Dr. Mundo

    Dr. Mundo

  • Garen


  • Lulu


  • Master Yi

    Master Yi

  • Nami


  • Nunu & Willump

    Nunu & Willump

  • Poppy


  • Ryze


  • Singed


  • Sivir


  • Soraka


  • Taric


  • Tristana


  • Warwick


  • Yuumi


  • Zilean


  • Acolyte Lee Sin

    Acolyte Lee Sin

  • Aether Wing Kayle

    Aether Wing Kayle

  • Amethyst Ashe

    Amethyst Ashe

  • Arcade Hecarim

    Arcade Hecarim

  • Arcade Sona

    Arcade Sona

  • Assassin Master Yi

    Assassin Master Yi

  • Atlantean Fizz

    Atlantean Fizz

  • Bandit Sivir

    Bandit Sivir

  • Bandito Fiddlesticks

    Bandito Fiddlesticks

  • Baron Von Veigar

    Baron Von Veigar

  • Bewitching Nidalee

    Bewitching Nidalee

  • Bird of Prey Anivia

    Bird of Prey Anivia

  • Bladecraft Orianna

    Bladecraft Orianna

  • Blood Knight Hecarim

    Blood Knight Hecarim

  • Blood Moon Akali

    Blood Moon Akali

  • Blood Moon Kalista

    Blood Moon Kalista

  • Bloodfury Renekton

    Bloodfury Renekton

  • Candy Cane Miss Fortune

    Candy Cane Miss Fortune

  • Captain Gangplank

    Captain Gangplank

  • Celestine Soraka

    Celestine Soraka

  • Championship Thresh

    Championship Thresh

  • Coral Reef Malphite

    Coral Reef Malphite

  • Cosmic Lux

    Cosmic Lux

  • Coven Evelynn

    Coven Evelynn

  • Crime City Graves

    Crime City Graves

  • Crime City Twitch

    Crime City Twitch

  • Cryocore Brand

    Cryocore Brand

  • Dark Valkyrie Diana

    Dark Valkyrie Diana

  • Dark Waters Vladimir

    Dark Waters Vladimir

  • Darkrider Sejuani

    Darkrider Sejuani

  • Debonair Vi

    Debonair Vi

  • Desperada Cassiopeia

    Desperada Cassiopeia

  • Dissonance of Pentakill Viego

    Dissonance of Pentakill Viego

  • Dragonblade Talon

    Dragonblade Talon

  • Dragonslayer Pantheon

    Dragonslayer Pantheon

  • Dreadknight Garen

    Dreadknight Garen

  • EDG Graves

    EDG Graves

  • EDG Viego

    EDG Viego

  • Exiled Morgana

    Exiled Morgana

  • Firefighter Tristana

    Firefighter Tristana

  • Fnatic Corki

    Fnatic Corki

  • Fnatic Janna

    Fnatic Janna

  • Fnatic Jarvan IV

    Fnatic Jarvan IV

  • Freljord Rammus

    Freljord Rammus

  • Frostblade Irelia

    Frostblade Irelia

  • Galactic Nasus

    Galactic Nasus

  • Ghost Bride Morgana

    Ghost Bride Morgana

  • Goalkeeper Blitzcrank

    Goalkeeper Blitzcrank

  • God Staff Jax

    God Staff Jax

  • Groovy Zilean

    Groovy Zilean

  • Headhunter Nidalee

    Headhunter Nidalee

  • Heartseeker Ashe

    Heartseeker Ashe

  • Hextech Sion

    Hextech Sion

  • High Noon Thresh

    High Noon Thresh

  • High Noon Varus

    High Noon Varus

  • High Noon Yasuo

    High Noon Yasuo

  • Hot Rod Corki

    Hot Rod Corki

  • Hyena Warwick

    Hyena Warwick

  • Imperial Lux

    Imperial Lux

  • Imperial Xin Zhao

    Imperial Xin Zhao

  • K/DA Evelynn

    K/DA Evelynn

  • Karate Kennen

    Karate Kennen

  • Karthus Lightsbane

    Karthus Lightsbane

  • Longhorn Alistar

    Longhorn Alistar

  • Masquerade Evelynn

    Masquerade Evelynn

  • Mecha Aatrox

    Mecha Aatrox

  • Mecha Rengar

    Mecha Rengar

  • Meowkai


  • Midnight Ahri

    Midnight Ahri

  • Muay Thai Lee Sin

    Muay Thai Lee Sin

  • Muse Sona

    Muse Sona

  • Myrmidon Pantheon

    Myrmidon Pantheon

  • Mythic Cassiopeia

    Mythic Cassiopeia

  • Night Hunter Rengar

    Night Hunter Rengar

  • Northern Storm Volibear

    Northern Storm Volibear

  • Nutcracko


  • Oktoberfest Gragas

    Oktoberfest Gragas

  • Order of the Lotus Karma

    Order of the Lotus Karma

  • Pengu Cosplay Tristana

    Pengu Cosplay Tristana

  • Pharaoh Nidalee

    Pharaoh Nidalee

  • Pool Party Lee Sin

    Pool Party Lee Sin

  • Pool Party Ziggs

    Pool Party Ziggs

  • Pre-Void Kassadin

    Pre-Void Kassadin

  • Prestige Ocean Song Seraphine

    Prestige Ocean Song Seraphine

  • Prom Queen Annie

    Prom Queen Annie

  • Rageborn Mundo

    Rageborn Mundo

  • Reaper Hecarim

    Reaper Hecarim

  • Resistance Caitlyn

    Resistance Caitlyn

  • Riot Blitzcrank

    Riot Blitzcrank

  • Riot Girl Tristana

    Riot Girl Tristana

  • Riot Graves

    Riot Graves

  • Riot K-9 Nasus

    Riot K-9 Nasus

  • Riot Kayle

    Riot Kayle

  • Rocket Girl Tristana

    Rocket Girl Tristana

  • Ruined Draven

    Ruined Draven

  • Sandstorm Katarina

    Sandstorm Katarina

  • Scorched Earth Xerath

    Scorched Earth Xerath

  • Sewn Chaos Orianna

    Sewn Chaos Orianna

  • Shockblade Qiyana

    Shockblade Qiyana

  • Shockblade Zed

    Shockblade Zed

  • Silent Night Sona

    Silent Night Sona

  • Snow Bunny Nidalee

    Snow Bunny Nidalee

  • Special Weapon Zac

    Special Weapon Zac

  • Spectral Fiddlesticks

    Spectral Fiddlesticks

  • Spellthief Lux

    Spellthief Lux

  • Spirit Blossom Lillia

    Spirit Blossom Lillia

  • Spirit Guard Udyr

    Spirit Guard Udyr

  • Steel Legion Lux

    Steel Legion Lux

  • Striker Lucian

    Striker Lucian

  • Tango Twisted Fate

    Tango Twisted Fate

  • Temple Jax

    Temple Jax

  • Totemic Maokai

    Totemic Maokai

  • Toxic Dr. Mundo

    Toxic Dr. Mundo

  • Tribal Ryze

    Tribal Ryze

  • True Damage Qiyana

    True Damage Qiyana

  • Tundra Hunter Warwick

    Tundra Hunter Warwick

  • Unchained Alistar

    Unchained Alistar

  • Valkyrie Leona

    Valkyrie Leona

  • Victorious Elise

    Victorious Elise

  • Victorious Morgana

    Victorious Morgana

  • Victorious Sivir

    Victorious Sivir

  • Viking Tryndamere

    Viking Tryndamere

  • Vindicator Vayne

    Vindicator Vayne

  • Void Nocturne

    Void Nocturne

  • Warden Nautilus

    Warden Nautilus

  • Warring Kingdoms Jarvan IV

    Warring Kingdoms Jarvan IV

  • Warring Kingdoms Xin Zhao

    Warring Kingdoms Xin Zhao

  • White Mage Veigar

    White Mage Veigar

  • Workshop Nunu & Willump

    Workshop Nunu & Willump

  • Yellow Jacket Shen

    Yellow Jacket Shen

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