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EUNE ⸱ Challenger


Frequently Asked Questions

We sell ranked accounts of every rank in League Of Legends:

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Yes! Once you have purchased a ranked account, you can contact us on Live Chat and we will help you to change anything you need.

Once your order is completed, your account will be delivered directly to your dashboard and your e-mail.

Once you click on desired account, you will be able to access all the information, including the list of champions.

Once your purchase is complete, you will immediately receive access to your account. You can start playing games right away without experiencing any delays.

League of Legends

Take advantage by buying LoL Ranked Account

Ranked Accounts gives you instant access to High Elo

Buying a ranked account allows you to skip the grind and immediately gain access to higher tiers such as Diamond, Master, or even Challenger. By starting at a higher rank, you can compete with skilled players, play with and versus PRO Players & Streamers in high elo and challenge yourself to improve faster than ever.

Save Your Time with LoL Ranked Account

Climbing the ladder in League of Legends requires countless hours and consistent effort. Buying a ranked account saves you from the long process of playing numerous ranked games. With a bought account, you can directly focus on improving your gameplay and strategy.

Play with your friends using Ranked Account

If you have friends who are already at higher ranks and want to play together, buying a ranked account allows you to join them immediately. You won’t have to wait for months or years to catch up to their level, making the gaming experience more enjoyable and inclusive.

Master new Roles and Champions

A ranked account gives you the opportunity to explore different roles and champions at higher skill levels. This allows you to challenge yourself, adapt to different playstyles, and expand your gameplay knowledge.

Overcome Rank Anxiety

Some players may experience anxiety or performance pressure when playing ranked matches. By purchasing a ranked account, you can practice and improve your skills without the fear of losing LP or rank on your main account. It provides a stress-free environment to boost your confidence and enhance your gameplay.

Join extreme competition

When you buy a ranked account, you get to play against the best players in League of Legends. This is your chance to learn from their gameplay and become better yourself. It’s a valuable experience that can greatly improve your skills in the game.

How to buy ranked accounts in League Of Legends?

Just click the button below and select the account that you prefer. We have tons of options and we support all League Ranks. Ranked Accounts Shop

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We take the complexity out of buying Boosting, Accounts and Coaching.

1. Select a Service

Pick your desired in-game service, and customize it.

2. Make a Secure Payment

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3. Enjoy Your Service

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