Breaking Down the Meta: Is It Worth Playing Popular Champions to Climb Ranks

Hello folks, welcome to another GameBoost blog post. This time, with our coach Firnen, we will be discussing what the meta is and how you can use it to climb ranks in solo queue.

What is the Meta?

Before we dive in, we must first ask: What is the meta? The meta is short for the metagame, which contains the strongest strategies on this patch that are used by players to win games.

In a League of Legends setting, this means that as patches get released, champions get buffed where they become stronger, while others get nerfed, which makes them significantly weaker. Items also get buffed and nerfed, which can also propel the champion that can use them effectively into the meta. While every champion has its place in the patch, some champions are more optimal than others depending on your skill level.
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Skill Expression and the Meta

Next, we will look at skill ceilings/skill expression. Some champions can perform unique interactions that can be utilized in a certain way to outplay the enemy. Think of your flashy Riven, Zed, and Thresh. These micro outplays can lead to kills, which will lead to a gold advantage. However, in order to pilot these champions and really maximize their effectiveness, you need to be experienced. This also means understanding things like matchups, power spikes, and wave control and understanding when certain things are applicable.

Let’s take Thresh as an example of skill ceilings. Thresh can do a lot of things with his kit, such as using his lantern to gain vision and to pull teammates over terrain (e.g., walls), as well as bringing teammates closer to enemies after landing a hook. However, Thresh’s Q is a skillshot, which makes it difficult to hit. A player proficient at Thresh will bring a lot more to his team than a Nautilus, for example, as he can provide more utility and skill expression, which gives him a higher skill ceiling as he can do a lot more.

Thresh high skill

However, Nautilus is more reliable than Thresh with hitting hooks. For example, with Nautilus, you can use your ultimate, being the R ability, to hit the enemy first and knock them up. While they are in this knock-up animation, you can hit your Q (hook), which means you can "layer" your abilities and guarantee the hit. You can also do this with Thresh E (Flay) into Thresh Q (hook); however, this requires mechanics and understanding the range, plus getting into that range to pull this off.

An experienced high-ranking player can get more usage out of Thresh than Nautilus if they are mechanically experienced on Thresh. However, if they are playing with a Draven, for instance, who wants to stomp early game, the high-ranked player can just pick Nautilus and play for kills as your R will always hit.

For a lower-ranked player, it is advisable to play Nautilus because it’s simpler and easier to make effective and frees up thought processes rather than how to pilot their champion.

"Noob Champions" and the Meta

Do you think certain champions in League of Legends are overpowered and only used by noobs? It's a common misconception that certain champions are only effective in low elo. In reality, playing what are often referred to as "noob champions" can be a smart choice for climbing the ranks, especially if you're still developing your fundamental skills. Take champions like Annie or Garen, for example. They may not have the flashiest mechanics or combos, but they make up for it with simplicity and forgiveness. Annie can easily farm with her Q, dealing significant damage and not consuming mana, while Garen can quickly clear waves with his E, jump on enemies with his Q, and regenerate health with his kit. These champions are forgiving of mistakes, allowing you to focus on other fundamentals such as laning and last hitting. If you think these champions are overpowered, consider this: if they truly were, why aren't they played more frequently in high elo? By mastering these "noob champions," you'll develop your skills and improve your overall gameplay, making it easier to climb the ranks and achieve your goals.

Garen noob champion

Using the Meta to Your Advantage

If you're looking to climb the ranks in League of Legends, playing meta champions can be an effective strategy. By choosing champions that are currently in the meta, you are more likely to have an advantage in the game. However, it's important to keep in mind that simply playing a meta champion won't guarantee success. To truly take advantage of the meta, you need to have a solid understanding of the champion and their mechanics. This is especially true in low elo, where games are often won or lost based on individual player skill. If you have a good grasp of a particular meta champion and can execute their abilities effectively, you may be able to significantly boost your win rate.

How Coaching and Boosting Can Help You Improve

In conclusion, playing meta champions can be a great way to increase your win rate in League of Legends, especially in lower ranks. However, it's important to remember that choosing a champion based solely on its meta status isn't always the best approach. It's crucial to find a balance between playing champions that suit your playstyle and complement your team composition, while also taking into account the current meta. If you're struggling to improve, consider seeking the help of a coach who can provide personalized guidance on improving your gameplay. Additionally, if you're finding it difficult to climb the ranks, you may want to consider using a boosting service to play against higher-ranked opponents and develop better habits. With the right mindset and support, you can take advantage of the meta to elevate your gameplay and achieve success in League of Legends. And if you're looking for a reliable coaching and boosting service, be sure to check out our website as we are offering both. You can check them out on the links bellow: