Welcome to our latest gaming news roundup, where we bring you the top stories from the gaming industry. In this post, we'll be discussing the problem of gamer harassment towards game developers, the introduction of co-streaming in Europe, and the recent announcement of Google's decision to discontinue their Stadia console. Let's dive in.

Salty Gamers Harassing Devs

A recent State of the Game Industry report from GDC found that 91% of game developers surveyed believe that player harassment of game developers is a problem in the industry. Additionally, 78% of respondents think that it is a serious or very serious issue, while 22% are unsure or think that it is a minor or non-issue. This report highlights the need for greater awareness and respect towards the individuals who create the games we love to play. As gamers, we can do our part by being mindful of our behavior towards developers and promoting positivity in the gaming community.

Co-Streaming Comes to Europe

In exciting news for European fans of League of Legends, teams KOI and Heretics have successfully convinced Riot Games to allow them to co-stream the winter season and group phase with Spanish commentary. Riot Games has expressed its openness to expanding the program to include more LEC team co-streams in different languages in the future, provided the co-streams are successful. This development could bring fans even closer to the action and provide a unique perspective on the games.

Google Stadia Finally Dies

After years of under-performance, Google announced on Thursday that they will be discontinuing their Stadia console. While this news may come as a surprise to some, others may have seen this coming. Mike Rose of game studio No More Robots said, "The writing had been on the wall for a while." However, does this spell doom for cloud gaming in general, or is it just a bump in the road? Only time will tell. The gaming industry is constantly evolving, and it will be interesting to see how this decision affects the future of cloud gaming.

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