Are you ready for a new Overwatch 2 hero? Season 4 is just around the corner, and Blizzard has finally revealed the latest addition to the game's roster of heroes. Meet Lifeweaver, the newest support hero who is sure to shake up the game with his unique abilities and gameplay. 

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Lifeweaver Release Date

The wait is almost over. Lifeweaver is set to arrive with the launch of Overwatch 2's fourth season, which is expected to start on April 11. This means you'll get to try out his abilities and playstyle very soon.


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Lifeweaver Abilities & Gameplay

Lifeweaver brings a unique playstyle to Overwatch 2. Rather than requiring precise aiming, he focuses on tactical positioning and time-management, making him one of the more challenging heroes to master. But with practice, you'll be able to take advantage of his abilities to support your team in new ways.

Healing Blossom

As a main healer, Lifeweaver's abilities focus on utility and efficiency. His primary healing ability is called Healing Blossom, which allows him to heal targeted allies in his surroundings. He can also passively heal himself with Rejuvenating Dash, making him more self-sufficient on the battlefield.

Thorn Volley

Lifeweaver isn't defenseless, though. He can also deal damage with his primary fire, Thorn Volley, allowing him to hold his own in combat.

Petal Platform

One of Lifeweaver's most unique abilities is Petal Platform. When an ally or enemy stands on the platform, it rises up into the air, offering a new level of vertical gameplay. This opens up new possibilities for strategic positioning and hero combinations.

Life Grip

Another support hero struggle is watching a teammate die in the distance. But with Lifeweaver's Life Grip ability, you can pull allies toward you and give them a shield, potentially saving them from harm.

Tree of Life (Ultimate)

Lifeweaver's ultimate ability, Tree of Life, is a game-changer. He can place it anywhere on the map, and it will heal allies within its range for the entire duration. The Tree of Life can also block chokepoints and disrupt sightlines, giving your team a tactical advantage.

Lifeweaver's Connection To The Overwatch Lore

Lifeweaver is the first Thai hero in Overwatch, and he is a graduate of the Vishkar Architect Academy, just like Symmetra. Their similar abilities suggest a connection in the game's lore, and Lifeweaver's abilities may work well with Symmetra's constructs.


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How To Unlock Lifeweaver In Overwatch

While Blizzard hasn't confirmed how to unlock Lifeweaver yet, he's likely to be available in the season 4 battle pass. Keep an eye out for him around tier 45 of the free battle pass.


Lifeweaver is a fresh addition to Overwatch 2, offering a new way to play and support your team. With his unique abilities and gameplay, he's sure to be a hit with support players. Are you ready to give him a try? Get ready for the launch of season 4 and join the battle with Lifeweaver.