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Activision Trolls COD Cheaters

Activision has found a unique way to combat cheating in Call of Duty, stealing cheaters' weapons, making enemies invisible, and preventing them from scoring killshots. While this approach may seem controversial, it's a creative strategy to improve the anti-cheat system and create a fair gaming experience for legitimate players.


PC Game Pass Expansion

Microsoft is expanding its PC Game Pass subscription service to 40 more countries, providing gamers with access to a diverse library of PC games through a monthly subscription. This move reflects Microsoft's commitment to making subscription-based gaming the new norm.

More Xbox 10-year Deals

Xbox CEO, Phil Spencer, has announced another 10-year deal with British mobile operator and ISP, EE, promising to bring flagship Activision titles to the cloud. This deal aims to alleviate concerns about potential anti-competitive practices and provide gamers with seamless access to their favorite titles.

PC Game Pass availble in more countries


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