The gaming world is constantly evolving and changing, with new developments and announcements coming out every day. In this week's GGN News Roundup, we'll be discussing the latest news in the gaming world, including Fnatic's elimination from the LEC Winter group stage and playoffs, the trailer for The Day Before, and the return of Lunar Revel to League of Legends, Wild Rift, and TFT.

Fnatic Eliminated from LEC Winter Group Stage and Playoffs

Fnatic, one of the most popular esports organizations in the world, has been eliminated from the LEC Winter group stage and playoffs after going 2-7 in the three-week regular season. In a post-game statement, Fnatic said the outcome is "not acceptable" and "is not a reflection of the level of performance our fans deserve to see from us in the LEC." While this is undoubtedly a setback for Fnatic, it's worth noting that the team has a long and successful history in the esports world and is sure to come back stronger in the future.

The Day Before Trailer Sparks Controversy

The trailer for the upcoming survival game The Day Before has been making waves online for its striking similarities to other popular games like Call of Duty, The Last of Us, The Division, and SnowRunner. While some fans have accused the developers of copying other games, others have argued that this is simply an example of imitation being the sincerest form of flattery. Regardless, it's clear that The Day Before has already generated a lot of buzz in the gaming community, and many fans are eagerly anticipating its release later this year.

the day before



New Lunar New Year Skins in League of Legends, Wild Rift, and TFT

The Lunar Revel celebration has returned to League of Legends, Wild Rift, and TFT in honor of the Lunar New Year. This year, five champions in League of Legends received new Mythmaker skins, including Galio, Garen, Irelia, Sivir, and Zyra. In addition, five champions were transformed into Lunar Gods, including Ashe, Malphite, Kha'Zix, Thresh, and Qiyana. Fans are already flocking to the in-game store to get their hands on these new skins and show off their Lunar New Year spirit.

Mythmaker Galio skin


From esports competitions to new game trailers and in-game events, there's always something exciting happening in the world of gaming. While Fnatic's elimination from the LEC Winter group stage and playoffs may be disappointing for fans, it's important to remember that this is just one setback in what has been an otherwise successful career for the esports organization. Similarly, while the controversy surrounding The Day Before trailer continues to rage, it's clear that many gamers are excited to see what the game has to offer when it's released later this year. And with the return of Lunar Revel to League of Legends, Wild Rift, and TFT, gamers have plenty of new content to explore and enjoy in the weeks ahead. Stay tuned for more updates and news on GGN!


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