Riot Games: Cyber Attack

Riot Games, the developer behind the massively popular multiplayer games League of Legends and Team Fight Tactics, recently announced that the source code for both titles had been compromised and stolen by hackers. The company stated that they will not be paying the ransom that the hackers have demanded in order to retrieve the stolen code. This unfortunate event marks the latest in a series of cyber attacks on major gaming companies and could potentially leave both League of Legends and Team Fight Tactics more vulnerable to cheating in the near future.

Riot Games under cyber attack

According to Riot Games, their systems were targeted and "compromised" through a social engineering attack over the weekend. While no player data or personal information was reported to have been stolen, the incident may cause delays in the release of upcoming patches for some of their titles. The exact methods used by the hackers to steal the source code of two of the most popular multiplayer games in the world is currently unknown, but it's possible that the attackers used a phishing scheme to trick an employee into giving away login credentials.

This is similar to the recent hack that took place at Rockstar Games, which resulted in the leak of in-development Grand Theft Auto VI materials, and it's speculated that the hack was done by infiltrating the company through a Slack login. Ransomware attacks on gaming companies have been on the rise, with other big names such as Cyberpunk 2077 developer CD Projekt Red and Elden Ring publisher Bandai Namco also falling victim in recent years.

Source code stolen

Riot Games has stated that they are currently working with law enforcement in the investigation of the hack, and expects to have their systems fully restored by the end of the week. The company also plans to release a full retrospective on the breach in the future, including the "attack vectors" used by the hackers. They are also working to assess the impact of the hack on their anti-cheat system, and prepare to deploy fixes as quickly as possible if needed.

hackers asked for ransom

In conclusion, the recent cyber attack on Riot Games is a serious event for the gaming industry, and has the potential to impact the popular game League of Legends. While the company has stated that the stolen source code is a "small portion" of the codebase, the potential for unauthorized versions of the game, cheats, and other malicious activities is a concern. Riot Games is working closely with law enforcement to investigate the attack and is taking steps to improve security and protect against future attacks. As players, we should stay aware of the situation and wait for further information or updates from the company.

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