There’s no doubt that League of Legends is a difficult game to master. That is one of the reasons it is hard to climb the ladder for most players. Finding the perfect way to get better isn’t as easy as it sounds. Effective practice and a healthy state of mind are often difficult to achieve together. That's why we will discuss some tips that will help you climb the ladder in League of Legends.

1. Pick 1 Role


Firstly, you should find your desired role. Secondly, it’s better to become great at a single role than it is to become mediocre at all five. Thirdly, if you have a difficult time choosing a role that fits you, give them a try out in Normal games. Try to watch streamers that play at the highest level to see what you can become once you get good at your chosen position. Choosing a main position is one of the first things you should do in order to start the climb. Don’t switch roles too frequently as you risk setting yourself back several steps and you might have to relearn a lot of key mechanics just to grasp the basics again.

2. Small Champion Pool


It’s better to have a small champion pool that you really know well, than a really big one when you can't really know everything about every champion. Knowing damage trades, interactions and match-ups is an important skill to have, and by limiting the number of champions you play, you’ll have a stronger grasp of the knowledge you need to effectively play your desired champion.

3. Read Patch Notes


One simple but effective way to inform yourself about the game is to keep track of the patch notes. Too often players don’t read the notes and have no idea what new champions do or what changes have been made to the game. Because of that, you'll have a huge disadvantage compared to other players. Moreover, keeping up with the news is almost as important as learning your champions.

4. Use The Practice Tool


Practice tool games can be created in less than a minute and can be closed at any time. It takes very little effort and there’s a lot to gain. If you have all the champions, it might be a good idea to jump into the practice tool with each and every one of them to see how they work. Knowing how other champions work, or what their weaknesses are, will help you a lot once you have to play against them in your ranked games.

5. Avoid Tilting


 Now this is one of the most important tips when playing. Tilting is getting angry at the game, and playing while tilted is the worst thing you can do since it will definitely have a direct impact on your playing, and will surely decrease your overall win rate. Sometimes it’s important to take a break from the game in order cool down, reflect on your playing and see where you’re going wrong.

6. Watch Your Replays 

  Watching replays will help you spot the mistakes that you’re making in-game. Load up the replay of the game you just lost and fast-forward to the particular moment that you made a mistake. Think about what you could have done differently. Checking out your replays is useful for anyone in any rank. Bronze players might make more obvious mistakes than Diamond players, but both play far from perfect.

7. Work Hard


 In order to climb the ladder, you need to put in the effort, and that means playing often and finishing games in order to learn the mechanics. You don't have to play every day. But you need to be persistent and never give up. After some weeks of hardwork, you should see some progress. Keep going and you will get to your desired rank.  This is all for now. We hope that this will help you climb the ladder in League of Legends.