Everyone wants to know how to get better and climb in our dearest game League of Legends. Also, we all know that League is really hard to play and especially to master. Furthermore there's a lot of things to learn from champions, roles, rotations, team compositions, objectives and so on. That's why we made you a small guide that will focus on some important things that you need to improve on during your games if you want to climb. If you follow these instructions correctly, you should see results and more wins in your match history. So let's begin our journey in getting that sweet higher rank before the season ends!

1. Micro Play and Reactions

And what does that mean? It's basically your raw mechanical ability to play the game. The best way to improve your mechanics and reaction time is to think ahead. What is the enemy team going to do? What is the enemy champion going to do? Are they going to dive me? These are some of the questions you need to ask yourself constantly throughout the whole game. Your goal is to follow your opponent's actions and play around them or pressure them accordingly. You need to learn what every champion does and what do they have in their kit. For example : By knowing that the enemy Illaoi has her ultimate up, you will not blindly engage in full melee with her. With knowing what to expect from each champion, your dodging skills and positioning will be improved. Furthermore, it's important to know your champion as well. If you don't know your champion well, it's time to practice, if you have to think about your combos and rotations, climbing ranks will be a lot harder. When you master your champions and you can do all the combos without thinking about them, you can focus on other important aspects of the game. 

Lee Sin

2. Gaining Information

Looking at your minimap is one the most important things that you need to do all the time. Focusing only on your lane or jungle will probably lose you the game, since you won't react to important teamfights or objective. Checking your teammates every now and then will give you enough information to plan accordingly and decide what to do next. Moreover, you can use F1-F5 keys for a quick check on your teammates. Also knowing what skills and summoner spells are on cooldown, will probably win you the next teamfight if your opponents have nothing available. Use as many UI elements as possible to gain the important information you need to in order to engage or disengage a fight or objective. But beware, don't focus on the minimap too much because you might lose the lane/jungle control that way. It's important to use it as much as possible without losing focus on the actual gameplay.

3. Warding and Vision

Warding is also one of the most important things you need to do during the game. Wards give you vision that will help you win the game. As we said, information is really important in this game and wards help a lot with gathering it. It can make a huge difference if you know where the enemy jungler is, if the enemy Mid laner left the lane or if enemy support is roaming. With that kind of information you can easily counter their actions by focusing on objective, roaming elsewhere or just following them. Furthermore, pink wards are also really important, you should buy them after every back. Pink wards will help you improve the vision of your team and also destroy enemy wards. If you're not sure where to put wards, you can easily watch some Professional Supports in Pro League or streams that will teach you how to ward. 

4. Builds and Runes

Builds are really important, if you are not able to buy correct items, your champion will be a lot weaker compared to a good build. Same goes with runes, if you use random runes, you will not have that extra edge that is needed to win the lane or actually the whole game. If you don't know how to build your champion or what runes you need, you should check Pro players. Pro players play consistently so following their builds is one of the best decisions you can make. You can also watch some OTP players but their builds are not optimal, they usually have a 'greedy build' that isn't optimal. Moreover, meta builds won't work against special teams. If they have a all AD or AP team, building armor or magic resistance is a must if you want to win with ease. So your ability to adapt against enemy team is also really important. One more thing, some of the runes can also change depending on enemy composition. For example : Coup De Grace and Cut Down. You will take Cut Down if the enemy team is full of tanks. And if the enemy team has a normal composition with 1 or 2 tanks, you will take Coup De Grace. 

5. Evaluating Win Conditions

Whenever you start the game, you need to evaluate how will your team win. Do you have early game champions or late game champions? If your team has mostly early game champions, your objective is to take the lead early and dominate your enemies before they can scale. If your team has mostly late game champions, you need to stall and just farm before your team gets strong and then you can easily win. Objectives can also be your win condition, not just your team composition. You can play for Dragons and Soul or you can focus on Heralds and Baron to push. If you have someone really strong in the team that is fed, try to peel for him for the win. If your team has a lot of CC, try to chain them in teamfights so you can easily win teamfight. Win conditions also depend on the enemy team. Do they have a strong carry? Your objective is to shut him down. Are they investing everything into Elder Dragon? You need to stop them to win. Win conditions are really important and you need to determine what they are as fast as possible.

In conclusion. if you improve in one of these points, you will get better and you will climb easier.