Time is running out to take advantage of GameBoost's biggest marketing campaign yet – March Mania! With only four days left, there's no better time to place your order and enjoy all the amazing benefits we are offering this month. Read on to learn more about what's still available, and how you can participate in our big end-of-the-month giveaway.

Discounts on All Services

For the last four days of March, we are offering an 18% discount on all our services. That's right – whether you're looking for an League of Legends elo boost, Valorant rank boost, Wild Rift boost, OW2 boost, coaching, lol smurf account  or anything else, you can get it at a discounted price until the end of the month.

March Mania discount

Discount on Every Third Order

But that's not all – our loyal customers can also take advantage of a special deal. Every third order you place before the end of March will be discounted by 21%. That means you can save even more when you keep coming back to GameBoost. Take this opportunity to boost your gaming experience.

Free Basic LoL Smurf Account

For every order of 50 €/USD or more, we are still gifting a free Basic LoL smurf account to our customers. This is a great way to try out a new champion or just have some fun with a fresh account.

Free Coaching Session and Basic LoL Smurf Account

And for those looking to improve their gameplay, we are still offering a free one-hour coaching session and a free Basic LoL smurf account for every order of 150€/USD or more until the end of the month. Our experienced coaches will help you identify areas for improvement and provide personalized advice to help you reach your goals.

Weekly Giveaway

But wait, there's more! Each week in March, we are conducting a giveaway. We will randomly select one invoice ID from all the orders that came in that week, and the winner will receive a 50€ voucher for our services. This is a great opportunity to win some free boosts or coaching sessions. 3 lucky winners have already claimed their prizes, place and order before the end of March and you might be the winner of the final March Mania Weekly giveaway.

Win 50€ voucher for GameBoost services

Big End-of-the-Month Giveaway: Unmatched Prizes

At GameBoost, we're known for our top-notch gaming services – but we're also known for our amazing giveaways! And our big end-of-the-month giveaway for March Mania is no exception. We will be randomly selecting winning invoice IDs out of all the orders that came in this month, and the prizes are simply unmatched.

Buy boost and win gaming PC

The first-place winner will receive a gaming PC worth a whopping 3,000€ – the ultimate gaming machine that will take your gaming experience to the next level! And as a bonus, you'll also receive a limited edition GameBoost hoodie, perfect for showing off your love for gaming.

But that's not all – we're also giving away gaming peripheries sets to the second-place winners (three winners in total). Each set includes a gaming mouse, headset, keyboard, and of course, a GameBoost hoodie. These peripheries are designed to help you get the most out of your games, whether you're playing League of Legends, Overwatch, or any other game.

And if you're one of the ten third-place winners, you'll receive a 20€ voucher for our services. This is a great way to try out our other services, like elo boosting or coaching, and see what else GameBoost has to offer.

No Other Competitor Comes Close

We're proud to offer such amazing prizes for our March Mania giveaway – and we know that no other competitor comes close. We're not just offering discounts or small giveaways – we're offering unmatched prizes that truly show our commitment to the gaming community. So don't miss out on your chance to win – place your order today and be entered into the giveaway. Who knows – you could be the lucky winner of a gaming PC worth 3,000€

Time is Running Out – Order Now!

With only four days left in March, there's no time to waste. Take advantage of GameBoost's March Mania before it's over. Whether you're a casual player looking for a fun new account, or a serious gamer looking to climb the ranks, we've got you covered. So don't wait – place your order today and enjoy all the amazing benefits of March Mania at GameBoost. And who knows – you could be the lucky winner of our big end-of-the-month giveaway!