Welcome, fellow gamers, to a thrilling recap of the most recent GameBoost News videos. Join us as we explore the latest wonders and fascinating discoveries that have been shaking up the gaming world. From Counter-Strike 2's stunning smoke grenades to the hidden secrets of Fallout 4 and the realism of Red Dead 2's wildlife, GameBoost has got you covered. Let's dive right in!

Counter-Strike 2's Revolutionary Smoke Grenades

Counter-Strike 2 has taken a giant leap forward with its innovative and breathtaking smoke grenades. These dynamic "volumetric smoke" effects have introduced a level of realism and interactivity that we've never witnessed before. You can now shoot through the smoke, sprint through its hazy cover, and even disperse it with well-placed grenades. The best part? Everyone in the server experiences the same visually stunning effects. And that's not all - Counter-Strike 2 has also received graphical overhauls, tick rate improvements, and realistic 3D audio enhancements. The excitement is contagious, and we at GameBoost can't wait to delve into this thrilling new era of Counter-Strike!

Fallout 4's Curious Connections to Skyrim

Intriguing discoveries await in the post-apocalyptic world of Fallout 4. Bethesda, known for maximizing existing code, has ingeniously repurposed Skyrim's dragon AI to create the Vertibirds of Fallout 4. Next time you witness the Brotherhood pilots swooping down, you may notice their uncanny resemblance to the majestic dragons of Skyrim. These pilots seem to share a peculiar propensity for crashing into the player, even in their untimely demise. But that's not the only connection to uncover - the Vault-Tec rep's clipboard has been repurposed as an unusual shield, and the devastating nukes in the game take on an almost magical quality. Bethesda's ingenious reuse of code continues to surprise and entertain us, creating an intriguing tapestry of interconnected gaming universes.

Red Dead 2's Immersive Wildlife Experience

Prepare to be awestruck by the immersive world of Red Dead 2, where even the animals seem to possess a life of their own. From hunting to exploring and engaging in realistic interactions, the animal kingdom in Red Dead 2 is a sight to behold. The level of detail and authenticity is so remarkable that players might even hesitate before taking a shot. Witnessing the animals go about their daily routines adds a layer of depth and realism that truly captivates. However, sometimes a cowboy has no choice but to defend themselves, unless, of course, it's a charging bear, in which case confidence is your best ally.

Steam's Demo Revival with the Dead Space Remake

Steam is resurrecting the beloved tradition of game demos, and the first game to receive this treatment is none other than the highly anticipated Dead Space remake. The new "free trial" feature allows players to experience 90 minutes of unrestricted gameplay before being prompted to purchase the full game. While some gamers may have already been utilizing Steam's refund window for a similar purpose, this official approach benefits both sellers and consumers alike. As we eagerly explore the Dead Space remake's dark corridors, we can't help but hope that Valve expands this feature to more games, offering players a chance to try before they buy.


The gaming world is filled with wonders, surprises, and intriguing connections. GameBoost's latest videos have brought to light the revolutionary smoke grenades of Counter-Strike 2,