Gekko, the latest agent in the popular game Valorant, was recently unveiled during the finals of the Valorant Champions Tour Lock//In Tournament in Brazil. As an Initiator, Gekko's unique ability kit involves his friendly creatures that can assist him in matches. In this post, we'll take a closer look at Gekko's abilities and discuss how players can use them effectively.

The Unique Design Backstory of Gekko, VALORANT's Latest Agent

Gekko's design was influenced by his parents and his hometown of Los Angeles, where people from all over the world come to settle. The developers at Riot Games conducted extensive research during the Gekko design process to create a first-generation character whose upbringing was shaped by the blending of two different worlds. To bring Gekko to life, they consulted with members of Riot's Riot Unidos Identity group, spoke with first-gen folks, went on outings to East LA, conducted Mexican-American focus group research interviews, collaborated with Gekko's East-LA voice actor, and embedded developers with ties to that life experience on the team.

Gekko design

The challenges of creating Gekko were enormous for the developers, as they had to ensure that the new agent, with his four unique creatures, maintained a distinct identity in the ever-growing VALORANT Agent list while keeping the game within performance boundaries. Senior Game Producer John Goscicki stated that "keeping the Agent roster distinct from each other, while maintaining performance, is always a difficult challenge. Gekko was the biggest one of all. Trying to create four super distinct creatures that you will fall in love with, while keeping them within certain game limitations is hard. Throw in different states, and it's even harder."

With Riot Games' dedication to detail, Gekko's backstory and unique abilities are sure to make a significant impact on the meta of VALORANT. It will be exciting to see how his background plays out in the game and how players will use his abilities to their advantage.



Gekko Ability Kit

As previously mentioned, Gekko’s abilities are tied to his arsenal of creatures, each with its own unique abilities. Let’s take a closer look at each of Gekko’s abilities and how they can be used in-game.


Dizzy (C)

Dizzy is the first of Gekko’s creatures, which he can send through the air like a grenade. When Dizzy spots an enemy, it releases a blast of blue goo, blinding the enemy for a short period. Once Dizzy has completed its flight, it transforms into a dormant orb. Players can interact with the orb, just like an ultimate orb, to regain another charge of Dizzy after a short cooldown. One thing to note is that if Dizzy hits a wall or any other object before it spots an enemy, it will not blind anyone.


Wingman (Q)

Wingman is one of Gekko’s most interesting creatures. When players activate the ability, Gekko sends Wingman in a direction to unleash a concussive blast on the first enemy it encounters. However, Wingman has an alternate use where players can send him to a Spike Site to plant or defuse the Spike, regardless of where Gekko is on the map. This is particularly useful when players need to hold an angle while Wingman plants or defuses the Spike. When Wingman has completed its mission, it turns into an orb that players can reclaim for another use.


Gekko abilities


Mosh Pit (E)

Mosh is Gekko’s third creature, which he can throw like a grenade. When Mosh lands on the ground, it spreads itself out and detonates after a short delay. Mosh’s area of effect is small, but it deals significant damage to any enemies caught in its radius. However, unlike Gekko’s other abilities, players cannot reclaim Mosh once it has been used.


Thrash (X)

Thrash is Gekko’s ultimate ability, which he can pilot to detain enemies in the explosion radius. Thrash can be sent out and controlled by the player, much like one of Skye's wolves. Once it spots an enemy, it launches itself at them, and anyone caught in its radius is detained, making them vulnerable to attacks. Thrash also turns into an orb after use, which players can reclaim for another use. However, players can only reclaim Thrash once per round.


In conclusion, Gekko’s kit seems to be versatile, with each of his creatures having a unique ability that players can use in different scenarios. Players who can effectively use Gekko's kit and manage his creatures' whereabouts will be able to excel in-game. It remains to be seen how players will receive Gekko once he is released next week as part of the next Act in Valorant.



Tips and tricks for Gekko:

Let's take a closer look at Gekko's abilities and how they can be used effectively in gameplay:


Dizzy - Gekko's first ability sends his Dizzy creature through the air like a grenade. Any enemies that are in Dizzy’s line of sight will be blasted with some blue goo, blinding them for a short time. Once Dizzy finishes their flight they become a dormant globule, which is just fancy talk for a small orb. If you then manage to interact with the orb, as you would an ultimate orb, you will regain another charge of Dizzy after a short cooldown.

Tip: Use Dizzy to blind enemies when taking a site or retaking it. You can also use it to block off certain lines of sight, forcing enemies to reposition. Additionally, if you manage to retrieve Dizzy's orb, you can use it again in the same round.

Wingman - Gekko's Q ability is Wingman, which might be the most interesting of the lot. The primary use of Wingman is to send the creature in a direction, where he will unleash a concussive blast onto the first enemy he sees. However, his alternative use is that you can send him onto a Spike Site to plant the Spike (if you have it in your inventory) or defuse a planted Spike. This is totally independent of Gekko himself, so you can be holding an angle protecting Wingman while he wins you the round. Just like Dizzy, when Wingman has done his job, he becomes an orb that can be reclaimed for another use.

Gekko wingman planting spike

Tip: Wingman is an incredibly versatile ability that can be used in a variety of situations. Use it to clear corners or flush out enemies. Additionally, you can use it to plant or defuse the spike while remaining in a safe position.

Mosh Pit - Gekko’s final regular ability is Mosh Pit, featuring a creature called Mosh. Mosh can be thrown like a grenade, spreading itself out across the ground when it lands, and then detonating after a short delay. Unlike Gekko’s other abilities, Mosh cannot be reclaimed after use.

Tip: Mosh is best used to slow down enemy pushes or to deny access to certain areas of the map. Use it to create choke points or to stall for time when defending a site.

Thrash - Rounding out Gekko’s abilities is his ultimate, Thrash. Thrash can be sent out and piloted by the player, much like one of Skye’s wolves. When you see an enemy Thrash will launch at them, detaining any enemies in the explosion radius. Amazingly Thrash will also turn into an orb after use and can be reclaimed, although unlike the other abilities, you only get one reclaim per round.

Tip: Use Thrash to gather information on enemy positions or to detain enemies in a specific location. You can also use it to force enemies out of cover or to clear out a site before pushing in.

Gekko Ultimate ability


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