Tilt - one of our greatest enemies that we encounter while playing League of Legends. Some games just don't go the right way and we get overwhelmed by different emotions. Because of that we start to perform worse and worse until we just quit the game. We'll analyze how to detect the signs of being tilted and how to counter it. It's easy to be tilted and not recognize it, but it's far harder to find a way to de-tilt.

Some of the signs that you are tilted:

1. Thinking about the last game. ( Dwelling in the past )

Once a game of League of Legends ends, there’s really no benefit to dwelling on it. By the time you have queued up for your next game, you should have put that last game out of your mind. Yes, there are always things that you can learn from a given game and you should definitely try to pick out aspects to improve on from previous games. But if you're thinking about what went wrong versus what the lesson is to use in your next game, that is a sign of tilt. 

2. Focusing only on LP

Any time you start counting your LP, you’ve already lost before the loading screen finishes. You should always focus more on how you played than the result and you should definitely care more about whether you’re improving than whether you’re gaining LP. When you get to the point that you’re focused on how much LP you’ve gained, lost, or need to get to your next promos, you’ve completely forgotten about the process and are focused entirely on the result.

3. Blaming your teammates and/or luck

Whether you win or lose a given game or set of games is most definitely impacted by both luck and whether you get good teammates/opponents. However, whether you play well in those games and whether you will improve and climb in the long run is not. Good players understand that with enough time and games their skill will improve and their rank will improve with it. They’ll acknowledge unlucky games or gaming sessions, but they acknowledge that these are the exception. Similarly, it’s fine to acknowledge when you get a game that is unwinnable because of circumstances outside of your control. 

4. Typing a lot

It's easier to just /mute all if you're having issues with your team. There’s nothing wrong with typing though, directing your team to do an objective while you split or something. However, if you’re typing constantly non stop, it’s probably not stuff that is purely game-focused and clear sign that you are getting tilted. Try just muting everyone and focusing on your own game play so that you can de-tilt and win the game.

5. Doubting your own skill.

Another type of tilt that most players don’t acknowledge or recognize is internal tilt. That’s when your anger isn’t directed outward at things like teammates or luck, but inwards at yourself. Whenever you go into a game, you should feel confident and optimistic about your chances. Do not queue up if you don’t have a plan, if you feel bored or frustrated at how badly you’ve been playing, or are resolving to just playing passive. Play to win, don’t play to not lose. 

6. Don't get cocky!

If you’re playing well, that’s great, and you should continue to keep it that way. But you should also try to keep yourself from getting too confident because you don’t want to start deviating from the kind of play that’s been succeeding all day. If you start trying out different builds or champs that you never played, it's time to calm down and rethink the current situation. 

How to Untilt?

1. Take a break from ranked or League of Legends all together. 2. Focus on small wins in your game like taking your tower, getting the next dragon, stealing enemy buffs. 3. While you’re in the death timer, close your eyes, concentrate only on your breathing. 4. Type some funny/positive comments in your team’s chat 5. Focus on the good things that you did in this game. Leave the negatives and things to improve on for when the game ends. 6. Put on a funny video or song on your second monitor if you have one. 7. Remind yourself that one loss isn’t going to keep you from your ranked goal or from improving and that there’s plenty of time left in the season. 8. Recognize your team's good plays and compliment them for them.  We hope this was helpful and that from now on you will handle the Tilt far easier than before.