The latest patch for Wild Rift, Patch 4.1, brings a lot of exciting content for players to look forward to. From new champions, gameplay updates, account leveling system changes, to new ranked rewards, Wild Pass, and events, there's a lot to take in. In this blog post, we'll provide a brief rundown of what players can expect in Patch 4.1.


Wild Rift New Champions: Urgot and Twitch

First up, Patch 4.1 introduces two new champions to the Rift: Urgot and Twitch. Urgot is a lean, green, killing machine that utilizes chemtech power, while Twitch is a sneaky rat that players must watch out for. With these new champions comes the opportunity for players to try out new builds and plays.


Wild Rift New champion Twitch


Gameplay Updates for Beefy Champions

Next, the patch includes some gameplay updates for beefy champions. Players can expect to see items like Amaranth Twinguard, Mantle of the Twelfth Hour, Searing Crown and Sunfire Cape, Abyssal Mask, and Thornmail getting added and reworked. Players interested in learning more about these changes can read about them from Nick "Endstep" Frijia in the latest /dev.

Wild Rift New champion: Urgot

Account Leveling System Revamp

The account leveling system is also getting a revamp. Once players hit level 40, they'll unlock a prestige level system where additional levels will give them stars that are showcased in their profile and other visible areas. The more stars players earn, the more their growth will be reflected.

Wild Rift leveling

Ranked Rewards, Wild Pass, and Events

In Ranked, Glorious Crimson skin line is leaving, making way for the Glorious Armada Twisted Fate. Players will also see changes in the number of marks required to be promoted to Grandmaster or Challenger. Superhero Vi joins the fight in Wild Pass, and there will be events for Urgot, April Fools, and Twitch's debut. Finally, the upcoming Arcade skins promotion will be featured in a separate article later this month.



In conclusion, Patch 4.1 is jam-packed with exciting content that players can look forward to. From new champions and gameplay updates to ranked rewards, Wild Pass, and events, there's something for everyone. Players should stay tuned for more news and information from the Wild Rift team.