WoW guide for new players:

WoW is one of the most popular games out there when it comes to MMORPG games, but a lot of new players get overwhelmed when they start playing WoW for the first time. How to not get overwhelmed and how to actually get into the game and enjoy it to the full extent.


One of the reasons why people get overwhelmed when they start playing WoW for the first time or if they come back after a long break is just the sheer amount of information and changes that have come into WoW. From new features, legendary items, mythic + dungeons, raids and many other features there is also a big amount of spells, talents and other features in WoW that can overwhelm people and just make them quit the game without actually giving it a full try.


If you wish to avoid this happening we would advise you to not do and do some of the following steps:


If you are a fully new player that has never played WoW before and you want to try it out do not purchase instant level boosts for your first character. Simple reason for this is so that you can actually get into the game and understand what your abilities and talents do. You will have a much better time learning this as you level up on your own for the first time and it will be a lot easier to deal with 2-4 spells on the start and to add 1-2 spells every 5-10 levels over just getting to max level and having 25-30 spells or more thrown at you.

At the same time you will get into the game and learn how some of the systems work as well explore zones and charms of the game at its fullest. Later on in case you do need help with specific quests or dungeons and raids you can ask friends or find a guild that will help you gear out, complete harder challenges that you need a group of 5 or more players to complete as well as just have fun while doing it.


This is one of the better ways on how to step into the WoW game and learn everything from the start while not getting totally overwhelmed by the sheer amount of information that will be given to you at once.


Once you get into the game and understand how the game works overall, getting some alts boosted up to max level and skipping the process of leveling a fully new character.


It won't take too much time first time around for you to hit max level even for players that are not experienced in leveling it would not take more than 2-4 days currently max level is level 60 while once Dragon Flight expansion comes out max level will be level 70.

Picking a class is one of the really important aspects of the game depending on your game style and what you wish to do.

You have 3 main specs Tank, Healer and DPS (Damage dealers),

Tanks are always close combat class as they are there to take damage and shield others from getting killed. Healers are there to heal damage and make sure team members do not die, most healer classes are range caster classes while there are some classes and builds that make healers close range brawlers that need to hit mobs/bosses to be able to do their best. DPS classes can be melee and ranged and depending if you wish to be a brawler or a caster class you would choose a specific class.

Depending on the class you wish to play you can do more than just one thing, some classes are just pure dps classes, some can dps and heal, some can tank and dps while some can tank heal and dps. So choosing the right spec and class for you is a really important step when you get into WoW.


Understand that there will almost always be something you do not know and there are a lot of ways you can inform yourself, in case you just want to play casually, take your time and do not rush anything, take it easy and play for enjoyment and the journey. If you want to be a hard core player and play for the end game pvp or pve activities always ask for help from people that are at that level and stage of the game. If you have any friends you can ask, do not be scared to do so. Guilds are also a great way to meet and get some in game friends that you can complete those activities with. In time you will learn and understand everything there is and that game has to offer. :)