How to Get a Fennec in Rocket League?

By Neo
How to Get a Fennec in Rocket League?

With Rocket League's ever-expanding roster of cars and skins, players are constantly on the hunt for the next vehicle to give them an edge on the pitch. 

One car that lots of people love is the Fennec. It looks like a boxy little car, but it's great for hitting the ball. Many players think it helps them play better. If you want a Fennec too, you might be wondering how to get one. 

This article will tell you easy ways to add this popular car to your game. We'll show you how to get a Fennec and start scoring more goals in style.

Why is the Fennec is in demand?

fennec rocket league
fennec rocket league

The Fennec is in demand in Rocket League because it's a special car that many players think gives them an edge. This boxy little vehicle has become a favorite for both new and experienced players. Here's why so many people want to get their hands on a Fennec:

  • Hitbox: It uses the Octane hitbox, which many players consider the best in the game. This makes it easy to control and hit the ball accurately.
  • Visual clarity: Its boxy shape matches its hitbox closely, making it easier for players to judge hits and dribbles.
  • Pro player use: Many professional Rocket League players use the Fennec, increasing its popularity.
  • Unique look: It has a distinctive, compact design that stands out from other cars.
  • Perceived advantage: Some players believe the Fennec gives them an edge in gameplay.
  • Customization: It looks good with many decals and accessories, making it fun to personalize.
  • Rarity: It's not always easy to get, which makes it more desirable.

The Fennec is a highly sought-after car in Rocket League. Now that you understand the appeal of the Fennec, let's explore how to acquire it.

Best Ways to Get Fennec in Rocket League

The most popular ways to get Fennec in Rocket League are by getting the drop, purchasing it from the item shop, or using Blue Prints.

Getting Fennec from Drops

Getting a Fennec from drops is a free but unpredictable way to score this popular car in Rocket League. As you play the game, complete challenges, and level up your Rocket Pass, you'll earn various drops. The Fennec, being an Import-level item, can only appear in Import drops. 

While the Drops method doesn't cost you any credits, it relies heavily on luck. You'll need to open multiple Import drops, each time crossing your fingers for that boxy silhouette to appear. 

It's not the fastest route to Fennec ownership, but for patient players who enjoy the thrill of chance, it's an option that could eventually pay off with that coveted Fennec in your garage.

Through Trades

fennec rocket league
fennec rocket league

Trading is a popular and flexible way to get a Fennec in Rocket League. This player-to-player system lets you swap items with other gamers who have a Fennec to spare. To trade, you'll need to find someone willing to part with their Fennec. You can use trading websites, join Rocket League trading communities on social media, or ask friends who play. 

The price in credits or value in items can vary based on supply and demand. Be prepared to negotiate, and always double-check the trade details before confirming. Trading offers more control over when you get your Fennec compared to drops or the Item Shop, but it requires some market savvy. Remember to trade safely, sticking to in-game systems to avoid scams. With patience and the right offer, trading can be your ticket to cruising in a Fennec.

Buy Fennec from Item Shop

The Item Shop offers a more direct, though time-sensitive, way to get your hands on a Fennec in Rocket League. This in-game store rotates its inventory daily, featuring a variety of items including cars, decals, and accessories. Occasionally, the Fennec makes an appearance in the shop, giving players a guaranteed way to purchase it. 

When available, you can buy the Fennec outright using credits, the game's premium currency. The price is typically set and doesn't fluctuate like in player trading. While this method ensures you get the Fennec, the catch is timing - you need to check the shop regularly or get lucky with your timing, as the Fennec isn't always available. If you spot it, act fast, as items in the shop change daily, and you might miss your chance if you hesitate.

Craft Fennec with Blue Prints

Blueprints offer another path to get the Fennec in Rocket League. These digital schematics drop randomly after matches, much like other in-game items. If you're lucky, you might receive a Fennec Blueprint. However, unlike regular drops, Blueprints don't give you the item right away. Instead, they show you what you could craft – in this case, a Fennec – and how many credits it would cost to build it. 

The credit cost for crafting a Fennec from a Blueprint is typically higher than buying it from the Item Shop, but lower than many trading prices. The advantage of Blueprints is that once you have one, you can build the Fennec whenever you want, without waiting for it to appear in the shop or searching for a trade. Keep in mind that while getting a Fennec Blueprint is free, you'll still need to spend credits to turn it into the actual car.

Why is the Fennec Popular?

The Fennec's rise to popularity can be largely attributed to a pivotal moment in Rocket League esports history. In July 2019, professional player Chausette45 shocked the competitive scene by winning DreamHack Valencia using the then-uncommon Fennec. This victory marked a turning point for the car's popularity.

Before Chausette45's win, the Octane dominated the professional scene. However, his success with the Fennec proved that this boxy car could compete at the highest level. Almost overnight, interest in the Fennec skyrocketed.

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