WoW Dragonflight Leveling guide 1-70

By David
WoW Dragonflight Leveling guide 1-70

Leveling in World of Warcraft can be an enjoyable experience, but it might feel like a chore when it's just a means to access new expansion content like Dragonflight. Our WoW Dragonflight leveling guide is crafted to make your journey from levels 1 to 70 both quick and enjoyable.

Our article offers a list of the most suitable classes for leveling and presents the most effective zones for leveling. We aim to ensure that your progression through the game is both efficient and pleasurable.

Best Class to Level in Dragonflight

It is a common belief that leveling up in World of Warcraft is a crucial aspect of the game. However, once a player reaches the maximum level, the leveling process comes to an end. Therefore, choosing a character solely based on their leveling difficulty may not be necessary. Instead, you should consider other factors such as the class's playstyle, strengths, and weaknesses. 

Nevertheless, classes that have high survivability are usually better for leveling. Below is a list of such classes:

Protection Warrior

The Protection Warrior, a classic tank class in World of Warcraft, stands as a bulwark against enemies with its shield and one-handed weapon. Revered for its classic tanking style, this class offers a mix of robust defensive abilities and offensive cooldowns, making it ideal for handling both PvE and PvP challenges.

Protection Warrior
Protection Warrior
  • Classic Tanking Experience: The traditional RPG tank role, Protection Warriors excel in damage mitigation and maintaining consistent defensive postures, appealing to players who enjoy a classic tanking feel.
  • High Mobility and Versatility: Known for their exceptional mobility, Protection Warriors can quickly reposition in battle, enhancing their effectiveness in various combat situations.
  • Strong Offensive and Defensive Cooldowns: This class boasts powerful offensive abilities for burst AoE damage and versatile defensive cooldowns for robust damage reduction and shielding.
  • Specialized Skillset: Protection Warriors require skilled management of defensive cooldowns and rage, offering a rewarding experience for experienced players while presenting a challenging learning curve for newcomers.

Blood Death Knight

The Blood Death Knight is a powerful tank specialization in World of Warcraft that excels in both survivability and utility. It is well-known for its robust defensive capabilities, which allow it to withstand and recover from intense damage, making it an essential asset in both PvE and PvP scenarios.

Blood Death Knight
Blood Death Knight
  • Exceptional Self-Sustain: Blood Death Knights are masters of self-healing. They utilize abilities such as Death Strike to recover health, making them incredibly resilient in the face of sustained damage.
  • Unique Crowd Control and Utility: With skills like Death Grip and Anti-Magic Zone, they provide unparalleled group utility and control. They are capable of repositioning enemies and protecting allies from magical harm.
  • Adaptive Playstyle: This class thrives under pressure, with many abilities scaling with the damage taken. This makes them more potent as the intensity of combat increases, ideal for high-damage encounters.
  • Hero Class Origin: As one of the original hero classes, Death Knights start at a higher level and are available to all races. This offers a rich and engaging gameplay experience from the outset.

Protection Paladin

The Protection Paladin in World of Warcraft stands as a beacon of resilience and support. Combining the traditional tank role with unique healing abilities, this class is designed for players who appreciate a balance of defense and ally support. With the capability to wield the Light both offensively and defensively, Protection Paladins are invaluable in both PvE and PvP settings.

Protection Paladin
Protection Paladin
  • Versatile Group Support: Known for their exceptional group utility, Protection Paladins offer blessings like Blessing of Sacrifice and Blessing of Freedom, enhancing both party and raid survivability.
  • Strong Self-Healing and Damage Mitigation: With abilities like Word of Glory and Holy Shield, they excel in self-healing and dealing with a variety of damage types, including magic and bleeds.
  • Effective Crowd Control: Equipped with multiple CC options such as Hammer of Justice and Turn Evil, they can effectively manage enemy actions and contribute significantly to crowd control.
  • Specialized Defensive Capabilities: Protection Paladins are adept at quickly reacting to incoming damage, with tools like Divine Shield and Blessing of Protection providing crucial moments of immunity. However, their playstyle can be unforgiving of mistakes, requiring timely and precise reactions.

Beast Mastery Hunter

Beast Mastery Hunters stands out for their accessibility and adaptability. Their rotations suit various situations, and their pets can act as tanks, making them great for solo play. Their mobility allows them to deal damage on the move, a unique trait among ranged DPS classes.

Beast Mastery Hunter
Beast Mastery Hunter
  • User-friendly and Versatile: Beast Mastery Hunters are accessible and adaptable, making them an excellent choice for beginners and solo players.
  • Mobility and Pet Assistance: Their extraordinary mobility and the ability to have pets that can tank enemies enhance their survivability and combat effectiveness, especially in solo scenarios.
  • Effective in Various Situations: Their straightforward rotations adapt well to all situations, from solo questing to group dungeons and raids.

Each of these classes offers unique strengths that cater to different playstyles and preferences, making them effective choices for leveling in the Dragonflight expansion. Their abilities and talents align well with the challenges and opportunities presented in the new environments and gameplay mechanics of Dragonflight.

How to prepare for WoW Leveling

Before going into the leveling, your preparation is crucial. Begin by doing all of the things from below and we can promise you - it will make a significant difference in your leveling speed and survivability.

Essential Consumables

Stock up on consumables such as flasks, potions (both health and mana), and food buffs. These items provide essential boosts and can be the difference between a swift victory and an untimely defeat. Don't overlook the value of utility items like Goblin Glider Kits or speed-increasing consumables like Bear Tartare - they can save time and improve your mobility across the Dragon Isles.

Goblin Glider Kit
Goblin Glider Kit

Add-Ons for Efficiency

Add-ons can significantly speed up your leveling processUse add-ons like 'Azeroth Auto Pilotfor optimized quest paths. From map enhancements to quest trackers, they can provide you with valuable information and efficiency. Choose add-ons that suit your playstyle and help keep track of important objectives, resources, and routes.

Azeroth Auto Pilot
Azeroth Auto Pilot

UI and Macro Customization

Customize your User Interface (UI) for optimal performance. Ensure that all necessary information is readily available and that your action bars are organized for easy access to your abilities. Macros can automate certain actions, making your gameplay smoother and more efficient. Set up macros for frequently used spells or abilities, especially those used in combos or rotations.

Bag Space Management

Ensure you have ample bag space before embarking on your adventure. A cluttered inventory can slow you down, forcing you to spend time managing items instead of leveling. Consider investing in larger bags and keep an eye out for items that can be sold or discarded.

Hearthstone Setting

Strategically setting your Hearthstone in a location central to your current questing zone can save significant travel time. Choosing the right inn or hub to set your Hearthstone can mean quicker returns to quest givers and faster turnaround on quest completions.

PvP Mode Consideration

Consider turning on PvP mode for extra experience. While this comes with the risk of being attacked by other players, the experience gain can be substantial. Weigh the risks versus rewards based on your comfort with PvP combat and your server's population balance.

By preparing thoroughly in these areas, you can ensure a smoother and more enjoyable leveling experience in WoW Dragonflight. Each aspect, from gear to consumables to UI customization, plays a crucial role in maximizing your efficiency as you explore the new challenges and adventures that await in the Dragonflight expansion.

Do you need to complete the story in Dragonflight?

Yes, if you have reached Level 70 but have not completed the Dragonflight campaign, make sure to do so, because it gives you access to essential parts of the game like Renown, World Quests, and Adventure Mode for your alts.
Besides that, you will of course get Gold, XP, Renown; Loot, Gear, professions recipes, and consumables.

Leveling Zones in WoW Dragonflight 

Leveling in WoW Dragonflight follows a linear progression through different zones, each catering to specific level ranges:

  • Forbidden Reach – Levels 58-60 (Only for Dracthyr Evokers):
    This is the starting zone for the new Dracthyr race and provides a unique leveling experience for these characters.
Forbidden Reach
Forbidden Reach
  • The Waking Shores - Levels 58-64:This zone is where most players start their Dragonflight journey. It introduces new mechanics and sets the stage for the expansion's narrative.
The Waking Shores
The Waking Shores
  • Ohn'ahran Plains - Levels 62-66: The questlines become more intricate here, offering deeper story elements.
Ohn'ahran Plains
Ohn'ahran Plains
  • Azure Span - Levels 64-68: This expansive zone requires strategic questing due to its diverse environments and various objectives.
Azure Span
Azure Span
  • Thaldraszus - Levels 66-70: As the final zone, it features high-level quests and is pivotal for reaching level 70.

For efficient leveling, it's recommended to complete visible side quests in each zone and participate in dungeons. The campaign is level-gated, requiring players to reach certain levels to continue in Azure Span and Thaldraszus. Balancing questing with dungeon runs helps ensure a steady progression.

Leveling Strategies for WoW Dragonflight

There are a couple of leveling strategies in Dragonflightsuch as:

  • Questing: Focus on completing quests that offer substantial experience and rewards. Prioritize campaign quests as they unlock new areas and opportunities.
  • Dungeon Runs: Regularly participate in dungeons alongside questing. Dungeons are so far the fastest way to level up your character and they also provide valuable gear.
  • World Events and Rare Encounters: Engage in world events and hunt for rare mobs. These offer additional experience and unique rewards.
  • Group Play: Joining a group for questing or dungeons can make challenging content more manageable and more fun. It's an efficient way to complete difficult quests and clear dungeons quickly.

But the most effective of them are Dungeon Runs coupled with Group Play with a high-level buddy to run you through the dungeon and help you. If you don't have someone like that, don't worry, because Gameboost is here to help you. 

How Dragonriding skill helps with Leveling

In Dragonflight, the new Dragonriding feature significantly changes how players traverse the vast landscapes of the Dragon Isles, making it a pivotal element in the leveling process:

  • What is Dragonriding for?: This skill drastically reduces travel time, allowing you to reach quests and objectives quickly.
  • How to unlock Dragonriding?: You have to complete a short questline when you first enter the Dragon Isles, and it takes around 25m to unlock your first set of Dragonriding skills.
  • Improving Your Dragonriding Skills: As you level up, focus on unlocking Dragonriding glyphs. These glyphs enhance your Dragonriding abilities, offering faster movement and more control.
  • How to use Dragonriding correctly?: Utilize Dragonriding to navigate efficiently between quest areas. This is especially useful in expansive zones like Azure Span, where objectives are spread out.
  • Account-Wide Unlocks: The good news is that unlocking Dragonriding talents is account-wide. Once you’ve unlocked these skills on one character, your alts will also benefit from them.

Learning and utilizing Dragonriding effectively will change your questing in Dragonflight, adding an exciting and dynamic aspect through the Dragon Isles.

Leveling Tips in WoW Dragonflight

To maximize leveling speed in Dragonflight, employing advanced techniques is key:

  • Experience Buffs: Keep an eye out for experience buffs through events, potions, or special in-game occurrences. Utilizing these at the right time can significantly speed up the leveling process.
  • Effective Talent Builds: Choose talent builds that enhance your leveling efficiency. Focus on talents that boost your damage output or survival, reducing downtime.
  • Questing Smartly: Plan your quest routes to minimize travel time. Completing quests in batches based on their location can save a lot of time.
  • Utilizing Rested XP: Make the most of the rested XP by logging off in inns or cities. This doubles the experience you gain from killing mobs, providing a significant boost.
  • Dungeon Runs: I can't underline enough how much easier and faster it is to level up in Dungeons with your buddy, so if you want to level up the fastest way possible - that's the way.
  • Joining a Guild: Being part of a guild can offer various bonuses, including experience boosts. Additionally, it provides access to guild groups for dungeons and raids, which can be more efficient than random groups.

By implementing these advanced techniques, you can make your leveling process easier in WoW Dragonflight, reaching higher levels more quickly and efficiently.

Leveling Alts in WOW Dragonflight

Leveling alternate characters in Dragonflight is streamlined thanks to the Dragon Isles Adventuring system, offering a more flexible approach:

  • Initial Requirements: To access this system, complete the intro questline and a few quests in The Waking Shores.
  • Choosing Your Zone: Once the prerequisites are met, you can choose your preferred leveling zone via the Scouting Map at the Wingrest Embassy. This choice tailors the leveling experience to your interests and playstyle.
  • World Quests and Side Quests: World quests unlock automatically for alts, providing a variety of challenges that yield experience and gear. Additionally, side quests available in all zones contribute significantly to leveling.
  • Abilities and Talents: Choose abilities and talents that maximize AoE damage and mobility, as these can speed up quest completion and mob grinding. For example, Mages might focus on spells like 'Arcane Explosion' or 'Flamestrike'.
  • Heirloom Gear: Utilize Heirloom gear for XP bonuses. These items scale with your level and often include set bonuses that increase experience gains.
  • Consumables: Items like 'Draught of Ten Lands' offer XP boosts. Use potions that increase your damage or speed to make questing more efficient.
  • Efficient Pathing: Plan your quest routes to minimize backtracking. Use add-ons like 'Azeroth Auto Pilot' for optimized quest paths.
  • Dragonriding Skills: Remember that unlocking Dragonriding talents is account-wide. So once you’ve unlocked these skills on one character, your alts will also benefit from them.

By leveraging the Dragon Isles system, you can enjoy a unique way to gain experience for each of your alts in the Dragonflight expansion.

Most common Leveling Challenges in Dragonflight

To navigate the leveling challenges in WoW Dragonflight, consider these strategies:

  1. Navigating Complex Areas: Familiarize yourself with the zone layouts. Utilize Dragonriding and in-game maps for efficient navigation.
  2. Solo leveling: We strongly recommend finding a buddy to play with, it's not only easier but also more fun.
  3. Inventory Management: Regularly clear your inventory. Sell or store unnecessary items to keep your bags organized.
  4. Surviving Tough Encounters: For difficult battles, adjust your strategy, and talents, and consider grouping. Flexibility in approach can be key to overcoming these challenges.

We hope that these tips will help you to level up your character in Dragonflight.

Final Words

In conclusion, this comprehensive WoW Dragonflight leveling guide covers everything from choosing the right class and preparing your journey to mastering Dragonriding and overcoming common challenges. By blending questing, dungeons, and utilizing game mechanics like Dragonriding and world events, you can efficiently navigate the Dragon Isles and reach level 70.

Remember, the key is to adapt the most suitable playstyle for you and take advantage of the resources and community wisdom available. Good luck with leveling!

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