GTA 5: What is LS Car Meet?

ls car meet definition
ls car meet definition

LS Car Meet in GTA 5 is an underground indoor facility introduced in the Los Santos Tuners update for Grand Theft Auto Online. It serves as a gathering place for car enthusiasts, offering various activities related to racing, vehicle customization, and socializing with other players sharing a passion for automobiles.

Where is the LS Car Meet in GTA?

The LS Car Meet is located in Cypress Flats, Los Santos, inside a large warehouse with colorful street art adorning its entrance. Players can access it by paying a one-time membership fee of $50,000 in-game currency. Once a member, players can freely enter and exit the meet at any time.

How to find LS Car Meet in GTA 5?

When you first log into the game, keep an eye out for a notification from a character called Mimi. She'll introduce you to the new things happening in Cypress Flats. To get there, you've got two options: pull up your in-game phone to access the map, or use the Interaction Menu. Both will let you mark the spot as a waypoint. 

As you cruise through Los Santos, head towards the industrial area. You'll know you're close when you hear the rumble of engines and spot the warehouse.

When you step inside, you will get a cinematic introduction featuring some fresh faces alongside Hao and Mimi. Once the introductory scene is finished, you are free to roam and explore the area. The space includes various amenities like tattoo shops, merchandise stalls, and race organizers. However, to fully engage with these features, you'll need to become an official member.

To join, find Mimi and pay the membership fee of GTA $50,000. This grants you full access to everything the LS Car Meet offers. Upon becoming a member, you'll notice a new Reputation meter, which you can check by pressing down on the d-pad. This reputation system is linked to many of the cosmetic unlocks and vehicle modifications introduced in the update.

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What Activities  does LS Car Meet offer?

LS Car Meet in GTA Online offers a lot of activities and features for automotive enthusiasts. At its core is the exhilarating test track, an indoor circuit where players can push their vehicles to the limit, engage in solo practice runs, or compete against friends in thrilling races.

Vehicle customization stands as a cornerstone of the LS Car Meet experience. The on-site mod shop is a gearhead's paradise, offering an extensive array of performance upgrades and cosmetic modifications. Here, players can transform their rides from stock to stunning, tailoring every aspect to suit their style and racing needs.

To keep players engaged, the LS Car Meet has introduced a unique reputation system. By participating in meet activities, winning races, showcasing vehicles, and completing daily challenges, players can climb the ranks of the car culture hierarchy. As your reputation grows, you'll unlock exclusive rewards, enjoy discounts, and gain access to coveted special vehicles.

Beyond the mechanics and upgrades, the LS Car Meet serves as a vibrant social space. It's where the GTA Online community comes together to share their passion for automobiles. Players can interact, form car clubs, and show off their prized possessions in a dedicated environment that celebrates car culture. This social aspect adds depth to the experience, fostering a sense of community among virtual car enthusiasts.

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How to do LS Car Meet Races?

To participate in LS Car Meet races, first, ensure you're a member of the meet. Once inside, approach the large screens near the test track to access the race menu. You'll find various race types, including street races, pursuit races, and sprint races. Select your preferred race and wait in the lobby for other players to join. 

When the race begins, navigate through the city streets or designated course, using your driving skills and vehicle upgrades to outpace your opponents. Remember, these races often feature no-contact rules, emphasizing clean racing and skillful maneuvering. Winning races not only earns you money and reputation points but also unlocks new vehicle modifications and exclusive items.

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