Riot adds Valorant's Anticheat to League of Legends

By Randy
Riot adds Valorant's Anticheat to League of Legends

Attention, League players! Riot Games is upping the ante in the battle against in-game cheating by implementing Vanguard, the anticheat system that they already use for Valorant, into League of Legends. This significant update is planned to be implemented a few weeks into Season 14, around late February or early March 2024. The primary targets? Scripters that have been a problem in League of Legends for years.

Scripters in League of Legends

The issue of scripters has been spreading a lot lately, even at the highest tiers of play, including Challenger. These scripters have been a nuisance in matches featuring professional players and popular streamers. On top of in-game scripting it was revealed that they possess other unfair advantages, such as viewing teammate names and profiles in champion select – a feature not available to regular players. On top of that, they have the ability to dodge games or just crash the champion select like it never happened, through one simple button on their client, as presented on image below:

champion select client from scripters perspective
champion select client from scripters perspective

If you follow pro players and high elo streamers on social media it's very apparent that scripting is a big issue and it started growing even more in the last months of season 13. There are many tweets like this one exposing scripters that can shamelessly play hundreds of games without getting any kind of punishment:

example of scripters in high elo

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What Happens When Vanguard Detects a Cheater

When Vanguard detects a cheater during a match, the response is immediate. The game is stopped, a clear pop-up message is displayed, and the match is terminated. This ensures no LP changes for innocent players, while the identified cheater faces an immediate ban. This image was revealed  by Riot Games, showing what will happen in games with detected scripter:

anticheat in league of legends
anticheat in league of legends

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Vanguard in Valorant

In Valorant, Vanguard has established itself as a highly effective anticheat system, largely due to its operation at the kernel level of the computer's operating system. This deep system access allows Vanguard to monitor and counter sophisticated cheats that standard anticheat systems might miss. While initially there were concerns about privacy and system integrity, Riot Games has adeptly addressed these, ensuring that Vanguard not only effectively combats cheating but also respects user privacy. Its success in maintaining a fair playing field in Valorant, marked by a significant reduction in cheating incidents, is a strong indicator of the potential benefits it could bring to League of Legends. By implementing this advanced level of cheat detection, Riot is reinforcing its commitment to combating scripters in League of Legends.

Final Words

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