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LoL Boost Types

We offer a wide variety of boosting methods, feel free to contact us for a custom order.

FAQs about LoL Boosting

League Of Legends Boosting is a professional service where a LoL Booster plays on your account or DUO queue with you to improve your rank, division, MMR or Elo.

The duration can vary based on factors like the desired rank, starting rank, and chosen boosting service. On average, LoL Boost takes 1-2 days to be completed.

LoL Boosting prices can range from a few dollars to several hundred dollars, depending on a lot of factors. At GameBoost, our prices are up to 40% lower than the market rate. To get an accurate LoL Boost cost estimate, customize your order on our website.

Once you place your order, you'll receive access to a personal dashboard where you can communicate with your Booster and track your order until completion.

Yes, LoL Boosting is safe with GameBoost. Our Boosters prioritize anonymity and security by using VPNs and other security protocols to protect your account and information.

League of Legends

What is League of Legends Boosting?

League of Legends Boosting refers to having a highly skilled player boost another player’s account to a higher rank or division. The booster logs into the client’s account and plays ranked games on their behalf, with the goal of quickly increasing the account’s MMR (matchmaking rating) and LP (ranked points).

Most Satisfactory LoL Boosting Provider

At GameBoost, we pride ourselves on being the finest League of Legends boosting provider in the industry. With over 5 years of experience boosting thousands of accounts, our team of elite boosters has proven we are unmatched when it comes to safely and efficiently increasing our clients’ League ranks.

We only recruit the top 0.1% of League players to join our roster of boosters. They must demonstrate not only exceptional mechanics and game knowledge but also strong communication skills and professionalism. You can trust that when you choose GameBoost, you are getting the absolute best players available to boost your account.
Our boosters are able to carry games in their sleep - they have seen every match-up, team comp, and in-game scenario countless times over. Their mastery of macro and micro play allows them to consistently dominate games and accrue huge gains in LP and MMR for your account. They know how to avoid trigger abuse detection systems and ensure no bans or restrictions.

Why Choose Us For LoL Elo Boosting?

When it comes to League of Legends Elo boosting, you want to ensure you are getting the fastest, safest, and highest quality service. That’s why thousands of customers choose GameBoost as their go-to boosting provider. Here’s why you should too:

Account Safety

Your account’s security is our absolute top priority. We know that entrusting the keys to your League account to someone else can feel risky, which is why we take every precaution to keep your account protected during the boosting process. Through years of experience boosting thousands of accounts, our pros have perfected techniques to make the boosting process look completely organic.

Our boosters don’t and will never use any kind of 3rd party programs or illegal mods that could get your account banned. They also won’t chat or interact with anyone in-game, or exhibit any toxic behavior that could reflect poorly on you. Our boosters aim to make the boosting look as natural as possible as if you yourself suddenly started playing at a much higher skill level.
They play clean, focused, and use only their world-class skills to carry games and raise your rank. It will simply look like you improved dramatically at League overnight! You can rest assured knowing it’s just your account being played exceptionally well, with no botting, scripting, or chatting that could trigger red flags.

Grandmaster & Challenger Boosters

What makes our boosting quality the best is that we only hire Grandmaster and Challenger LoL boosters. These players represent the top 0.02% of the Ranked ladder, with elite skills and game knowledge that allow them to reliably carry games at the highest levels.

When you choose us, you are getting a true League expert with thousands of hours of experience boosting accounts. Our stringent vetting process ensures we only partner with the absolute best. No amateur boosters or boosted accounts - when you want the highest quality service, you want a professional taking your account to new heights. Their expertise delivers the most efficient, smooth boosting experience and best LP/MMR gains per game.

Friendly LoL Boosters

We understand some customers feel apprehensive that they might get flamed or mistreated by an egoistic booster once their account is handed off - that’s why we take pride in partnering exclusively with friendly, mature boosters - the complete opposite of the toxic stereotype.

While our boosters are extremely highly skilled at League, they are also some of the most polite and professional players you will meet. They understand boosting is a service industry and treat every client with patience and respect. We vet heavily on attitude - any disrespect, flaming, or toxicity is immediate grounds for dismissal. Our boosters know they are representing our company and your account when they play, and we hold them to the highest behavioral standards.
Rest assured the booster playing on your account will be focused, communicative with you, and bring only positive energy to your games. They are there to help your account, not tear down teammates. The last thing we want is to expose our customers to any negativity or abuse in-game. Our boosters understand their role is to play skillfully and make your boosting experience pleasant.

We Provide Fast LoL Boost

We understand that when you order an elo boost, you want to see results as quickly as possible. You don’t want to be waiting weeks or months to hit your desired tier before the season ends.

That’s why our team focuses on providing the fastest lol boost on the market. With our pros playing, you can expect rapid gains in LP and promotional series breezed through with ease. No more hitting walls in division promos or placement matches.

Cheapest Prices & Highest Quality

We offer the cheapest League of Legends boosting prices on the market while maintaining the highest quality service. How do we pull off this impossible equation?

Firstly, our prices are made affordable so everyone would get the chance to buy LoL Boosting. We don’t price gouge or inflate our rates. Our goal is to make boosting accessible.
Secondly, we vet heavily to only partner with the best boosters you can find. So while you pay bottom dollar, you still get top 0.01% ranked players piloting your account. No compromising on booster skills or quality!
Lastly, our years of experience boosting thousands of accounts allows us to optimize efficiency. Our proven process delivers quick rank-up turnaround times even at low prices.

Customer Care Available

Before boosting begins and after the boost is complete, you will be able to contact our Live Chat 24/7 for any questions or concerns. Our support team is always available to provide updates, address any issues, and ensure you have the best experience with your boosting order from start to finish.

Even after the games are played and your desired rank is achieved, we remain committed to responding to your needs in a timely manner. Our customer service doesn’t end once your account is boosted - we’re here for you before, during, and after your purchase!

LoL Boost: Variety of Services

Our LoL Elo boosting service (also known as League Rank Boosting ) specializes across all major League of Legends servers - NA, EUW, EUNE, Turkey, and more. Customers can select their desired end rank, whether it be Silver, Gold, Platinum, or beyond. Experienced boosters will either duo up with you or log into your account and play with the goal of achieving your target tier or division as quickly as possible.

With our service, you can skip the frustrations of promotion matches and division grinds. Our LOL boosters know how to maximize ranked gains while fully securing accounts.
In addition to ELO boosting, we also provide a LoL win boosting service, also referred to as lol win boost. This service involves our expert boosters playing games on your account and securing the number of wins you request.
For example, if you purchase 5 wins, the booster will play ranked games on your account and obtain 5 victories. If they happen to lose a game during the process, they will get additional wins as needed to reach 5 pure wins. Unlike rank boosts which can take days, a win boost delivers visible results in your match history in just a few hours. It’s the fastest way to hit your desired tier and get the rewards you want before the season ends.
Moving next, we have our LoL Placements! You can take advantage of your placements and secure the maximum rank out of your placement games with our boosters. We understand just how crucial your placement matches are for setting you up for the rest of the ranked season. That’s why our experienced LoL Elo boosters will play on your account and make sure you get the tier you deserve straight away.
Don’t leave your placement games to chance - let our experts handle it for you. They know how to secure those all-important wins in your placement matches to get you ranked as highly as possible right off the bat. With our LoL placement boosting service, you can get placed into a higher tier.
Now if you’re bored of ranked and looking for a fun way to take a break from the intensity of ranked play? Our Normal Matches Boost connects you with a highly-skilled League of Legends pro who will duo queue up with you for normal LoL games. With the pressure off, you can simply focus on having an enjoyable time playing alongside a pro player and picking up some gameplay tips and tricks along the way. Our Normal Matches Boost is the perfect way to unwind while still improving your skills for ranked play.
Next, we have the Champion Mastery Boosting service which is designed for players who are specifically looking to improve their mastery of individual champions in games like League of Legends.
This service would be ideal for players who want to elevate their performance with certain champions, whether to enhance their ranked play or just to gain a deeper understanding and enjoyment of playing those champions. It’s a way to gain targeted expertise, potentially leading to a significant improvement in your overall gameplay with those specific characters.
Finally, we have these special LoL Boost Packages. Think of them like the usual League of Legends Elo Boosting, but with a cool twist – they’re cheaper! It’s like getting a helping hand to climb up in your game rankings but at a discount. These packages are great if you want to boost your rank without spending too much. You still get to play with the pros and learn all the neat tricks, just like the regular service, but you save some money too. It’s a win-win for players who want to get better and save some cash at the same time!

Why GameBoost is Trustworthy?

We at GameBoost take pride in our reputation, and a big part of that comes from the thousands of reviews we’ve received from gamers. These reviews are like personal recommendations from our vast gaming family, and they really matter to us. When we see so many gamers sharing their positive experiences, it reinforces our commitment to providing top-notch services.

We understand that each review is a story of someone’s experience with us. These are real gamers who’ve tried our services and taken the time to tell others about it. For us, this feedback is invaluable. It helps us show new gamers what we’re all about and assures them that they’re making a good choice with us.
Having such a large number of reviews also reflects our journey in the gaming world. It shows that we’ve been around, working with a diverse range of gamers, learning and growing along the way. It’s like a badge of experience and expertise that we wear with honor.
Importantly, we listen to what our gaming community has to say. Every suggestion or piece of feedback in these reviews is an opportunity for us to improve. We’re constantly evolving, driven by the voices of our gamers. It’s this responsive and adaptive approach that keeps us in tune with what gamers need and want.
In essence, these thousands of reviews are not just numbers to us; they’re a sign of trust and satisfaction from the gaming community. They motivate us to keep pushing boundaries and delivering services that gamers love. For us at GameBoost, it’s all about being a trusted partner in every gamer’s journey, and these reviews are a testament to that commitment. It’s an honor for us that you become our next customer, we’re sure that experience will be extraordinary.