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Frequently Asked Questions

Wild Rift Boosting is a professional service that helps improve your rank, tier, MMR, or Elo in Wild Rift. Skilled boosters will either play on your account or play with you to Boost your rank.

The time of Wild Rift Boost depends on the rank you want to achieve. On average, it takes about 1-2 days to complete your Wild Rift Boost and enjoy your new rank.

The price depends on many factors. If you want to know the final cost of Wild Rift Boost, visit our website, select your Boost and customize your order.

Select your Boost, customize your order, make a secured payment and enjoy the service! After placing your order, you'll gain access to a private dashboard profile, where you can track the progress of your Boost and communicate with your assigned Booster.

With GameBoost, Wild Rift Boosting is safe. Your safety is the number one priority for us, and our Boosters.

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We take the complexity out of buying Boosting, Accounts and Coaching.

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Pick your desired in-game service, and customize it.

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We accept all major credit cards, PayPal, Paysafe Card, Apple Pay and more.

3. Enjoy Your Service

Rank up, get your account or schedule your coaching session.

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