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Silver Silver I  0-20 LP
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Silver Silver I  0-20 LP
Gold Gold IV
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Frequently Asked Questions

Simply choose your current rank and your desired rank as well as the boost options needed. After purchase, we will assign you to a booster who will start working on your order.

Duration depends on the rank you want to reach. You can see the completion time under the boost options.

Yes, you can still play the game! However, it’s important to talk to your Booster through your personal dashboard account to avoid logging into the account at the same time.

You can use your personal dashboard profile to track all of your progress and communicate with your Booster.

Yes, LoL Boosting is safe to use as long as you purchase it from a trusted and reliable company, such as GameBoost. We follow strict protocols to secure your account information and keep your anonymity.

What is LoL Rank Boost?

"LoL rank boost" refers to the practice of hiring an experienced League of Legends player to log into your account and increase your League of Legends rank. Skilled boosters can rapidly climb ladder ranks that may be difficult for regular players to achieve on their own. Basically, League of Legends rank boosting caters to players who are 'hard-stuck' in low tiers due to frequently poor matchmaking luck and toxic teammates. These frustrating ranked experiences can sour the enjoyment of the competitive climb for some.

Why Choose LoL Division Boost?

A League of Legends division boost from our professional boosters is the fastest way to reach your desired rank with less effort. As top challenger players, our boosters have the skills and game knowledge to carry your account to higher divisions, saving you the frustration of grinding through the ladder. We provide LoL Division Boosts up to the prestigious Challenger tier - whether you're aiming for Gold or want to showcase the Diamond border, we can help you secure your goal rank this season.

Highest Rated LoL Ranked Boost

Our LoL Rank Boost service is rated 5 stars by our customers. We have gotten thousands of positive reviews through Trustpilot. We take the time to answer all questions before, during, and after boosting. Our safety guarantees also give customers peace of mind. If you have any questions regarding the rank-boosting service make sure to contact our 24/7 Live Chat for an immediate answer.

Play with Challenger Players

Our team has some of the best League players around. They've reached Challenger rank on multiple servers and even competed professionally. When you get a boost from us, you can choose to play together with one of our top Elo boosters. This lets you learn right from a top-tier player while they boost your League of Legends account. Watching them play gives you a chance to pick up valuable skills. You'll see their champion choices, decision-making, mechanics, and more. This can majorly boost your ability to climb ranks in future seasons. If you want to duo with our top-tier players, just make sure to select the "Duo" option before ordering your boost. This pairs you up directly with one of our pros to unlock an amazing learning experience!

Reach Your Dream Rank in Days

All the grinding leaves you stuck at the same old rank year after year. With our LoL Rank Boost service, things are different. Now you can finally reach your desired rank within days or even just hours. Our handpicked team of LoL boosters has helped thousands of players successfully reach their desired ranks, up to the Challenger rank. No division has proven to be a challenge for our professional players. We personally vet every booster through a rigorous testing process before they join our squad. Only the best of the best display the skills, game knowledge, and work ethic needed to meet our standards.

Saves Your Time

Rank boost allows you to quickly achieve your desired rank without having to invest a significant amount of time and effort into grinding through the ranks yourself.

Achieve Higher Rank

With the help of LoL Rank Boost, you can reach higher ranks that may have seemed difficult to achieve on your own.

Learn from Professionals

By watching a high-elo player who is playing in your rank, you can learn how they carry games and apply those strategies later on. This can be a valuable learning opportunity to improve your own gameplay.

Improved Matchmaking

By reaching a higher rank through LoL Boosting, you'll have the opportunity to play with and against more skilled players. This can lead to more competitive and challenging matches, helping you improve as a player.