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FAQs About LoL Accounts

We sell ranked accounts of every rank in League Of Legends:

We also offer LoL skin accounts with an easy and intuitive skin search. Browse all our vast catalogue of LoL Accounts now!

Yes! Once you have purchased a ranked account, you can contact us on Live Chat and we will help you to change anything you need.

Once your order is completed, your account will be delivered directly to your dashboard and your e-mail.

Once you click on the desired account, you will be able to access all the information, including the list of champions.

Once your purchase is complete, you will immediately receive access to your account. You can start playing games right away without experiencing any delays.

League of Legends

Highest-Rated League of Legends Marketplace

Welcome to the premier LoL marketplace for selling and buying League of Legends accounts. Here you can browse and purchase lol accounts at competitive prices from our trusted sellers. Our marketplace specializes in providing lol accounts to help you unlock skins, champions, and other goodies without the endless grind. We have hundreds of League of Legends accounts in stock. Filter accounts by server, rank, skin availability, number of champions unlocked, and other parameters to find your perfect match.

Benefits of Buying a LoL Account

Purchasing a League of Legends account can save you significant time and allow you to truly experience all the game has to offer. A bought LoL account provides instant access to rare skins that would otherwise take years of grinding or spending money on Riot Points to obtain. It also unlocks champions that enable you to be competitive in ranked play right away, instead of slowly earning Blue Essence to expand your roster. With an account bought from our secure marketplace, you can jump directly into the ELO tier of your choice rather than starting from the bottom and ranking up. For casual gamers frustrated with League's steep learning curve or veterans tired of the long hours needed to show off achievements in-game, buying a League account grants the chance to shortcut the grind and simply enjoy playing LoL with some added sparkle. Our marketplace is the safest place to get started accelerating cosmetic unlocks and progression through account purchases.

Most Secure LoL Marketplace

When buying or selling a League of Legends account, safety should be your number one concern. That's why our marketplace offers the most secure platform for LoL account transactions - GameBoost team works diligently to investigate accounts and remain vigilant against scammers. We have a zero tolerance policy for fraudulent activity to maintain our reputation as the most trusted name in LoL account trading. While many independent sellers lack any protections, our longstanding reputation with years in business and thousands of customers sets us apart. We have maintained an excellent TrustPilot rating through our transparent, integrity-focused approach.

Free Warranty on All LoL Accounts

Every League of Legends account purchased through our marketplace comes backed by a Lifetime Warranty. If any issues ever arise with your new LoL account after buying from us, you're completely covered for life. This includes suspensions, bans, password problems, or any other defect preventing you from safely accessing and actively using the purchased account. Our lifetime warranty is fully transferable, meaning the coverage applies to you as the new account owner regardless of past ownership history. We stand by the quality and longevity of all League of Legends accounts listed here, forever. Our support team is available 24/7 to diagnose any problems that crop up with your purchased LoL account. With a genuine lifetime warranty backing every purchase, you can buy from our marketplace with tremendous confidence and peace of mind.

Variety of Accounts

GameBoost offers players a wide selection of League of Legends accounts for purchase. Whether you're looking for a smurf account to learn new champions, a leveled account to jump right into ranked play, or a rare skin account to show off, we've got it covered. Our inventory includes accounts across all major regions with a range of rankings from Bronze to Challenger. You can find accounts with rare and limited-edition skins that you won't see every day on Summoner's Rift. We also offer personalized services - if you don't see a particular type of account you want, contact us via Live Chat and we will see if we can source it for you!

Instant Delivery on All Accounts

Sick of waiting days or weeks to receive accounts from other sites? At GameBoost, we provide instant delivery on all our League of Legends accounts—ready to play as soon as you complete checkout! Within minutes, you’ll receive the login info in your email. No more anxious waiting and missing games with friends. Our automated system delivers your new League account directly without delay whether you need one right away in the morning to get into ranked. Experience the fastest, most reliable account delivery complete with lifetime warranty and support in case issues arise. Your new account is just a few clicks away, anytime you need it!