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Silver Silver I
3 Matches
Completion Time: 1 day
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Silver Silver I
3 Matches
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Frequently Asked Questions

The time it takes to finish a LoL Placements Boost can vary depending on the number of wins you desire. Typically, it gets completed in less than 24 hours.

You can use your personal dashboard profile. This feature allows you to check the progress made by your Booster and chat with him directly.

You can use the LoL Placements Boost service safely as long as you buy it from a trustworthy and reliable provider like GameBoost. We make sure that your account details are secure and keep your identity confidential. Our strict protocols ensure your peace of mind when using our services.

What is LoL Placements Boost?

LoL Placements Boost is a service that is designed for securing your placements games in League Of Legends. In placements Boost the Booster will play your placement games or DUO queue with you to get you the highest possible starting rank.

When I can buy Lol Placements Boost?

To take advantage of the LoL Placements Boost service, your account must be unranked. This means that you can use it on a new account or after the start of a season or split.

How many placement games are in League Of Legends?

There are 5 placement games in League Of Legends. That is why the maximum amount of games that can be ordered per account for LoL Placement Boost is 5.

Why I should buy Placements Boost?

It helps you start a new account or season with a solid MMR. This lead to higher LP gains and help you climb the ranked ladder more quickly. By securing a favorable placements win ratio, you give yourself a strong starting foundation.