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Doesn't mean it can't be done! Whether you want achievements, transmog sets, old raids, mounts, specific items, rare cosmetics or anything that comes to your mind - our experienced team of WoW Boosters is here to help you every step of the way.

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How to buy WoW PvE or PvP Boost

Steps to Buy a WoW Boost

Follow these steps to proceed with your boost!

  • Choose between PvE and PvP services
  • Pick the Boost service that fits your goals
  • Make a secured payment & enjoy your Boost
Most Secure WoW Boosting Services

At GameBoost, we understand that Boosting is not supported by Blizzard's Terms of Service, but we assure you that we take every precaution to make your account safe - that's our number one priority!

We strongly recommend choosing our selfplay services, especially for high-end PvP rating, Mythic raids and high-end Mythic+ content, as these areas are closely monitored.

In case you decide to pick piloted (account sharing) service, we suggest changing your password once your Boost is completed. Also, remember not to discuss the Boosting process in the in-game chat.

Account Security During WoW Boosting

FAQs About Raids

WoW PvE Boost is a service designed to help players progress through World of Warcraft's player-versus-environment (PvE) content more efficiently. This includes assistance with dungeons, raids, leveling, gear acquisition, and more, tailored to enhance the player's in-game experience.

PvE Boost involves skilled players assisting you in achieving specific PvE objectives. Depending on the service, this can range from running through difficult dungeons or raids to help in leveling up your character or acquiring desired gear.

Absolutely! We offer Custom PvE Boost services where you can specify your particular in-game goals and preferences. Our team will tailor the boosting experience to meet your unique needs.

The duration of a PvE Boost depends on the specific objectives and the complexity of the tasks involved. We strive to complete boosting services efficiently while ensuring a high-quality experience.

Sharing your account details is not required for most of our PvE Boosting services. The majority of our boosting orders are designed as Self-Play, meaning you will play alongside our professional boosters. This approach allows you to be actively involved in the gameplay and experience the boost firsthand, ensuring your account security and offering a more engaging experience.

World of Warcraft

Secure Raids with WoW Raid Carry

Raid Carry & Boosting is when you get help from expert players to complete tough raids in World of Warcraft. These raids can be really hard without the right team and tactics - even if you've played a lot!

Players hire raid boosters to save time, effort, and resources in exchange for awesome rewards like powerful equipment and cool stuff that makes your character look amazing.

Many WoW players look for raid boosts because they want to experience the most exciting parts of the game and earn some bragging rights too! WoW raids offer exciting, unique challenges that test your abilities and adaptability. However, gearing up can be time-consuming, and raids often last 4-5 hours, which can be frustrating.

Buy WoW Raid Carry & Boost

ebsite and feel free to contact our friendly support team if you have any questions.

Loot It Out!

Raids in World of Warcraft offer players the opportunity to obtain valuable loot such as weapons, armor, and crafting items. The type of loot that is received is determined by the raid's difficulty level. Obtaining Raid Boost loot can significantly enhance your character's strength and provide a sense of accomplishment when overcoming challenging obstacles.

Why You Should Buy a Raid Boost?

Investing in a Raid Boost can significantly improve your chances of completing the raid successfully. With a Raid Boost, you'll have access to experienced players who can guide you through the toughest parts of the raid and help you secure valuable loot. Additionally, you'll be able to team up with skilled players who share your passion for the game and enjoy the challenge of tackling tough content.

WoW Raids Difficulties:

LFR Tier Raids

Difficulty Level: Easy

Ideal for skill training and learning about your class.

Normal Tier Raids

Difficulty Level: Moderate

Requires a basic understanding of your class and specialization.

Heroic Tier Raids

Difficulty Level: Hard

Requires full control of your class and the ability to play multiple specializations.

Mythic Tier Raids

Difficulty Level: Extreme (Hardcore)

Demands top-level game skills, and some bosses may even require a change in class.

Note:Please note that the difficulty level mentioned here serves as a general guide and may vary based on individual gameplay and group composition.