Valorant Placements Boost

Ace the new Act, get a Radiant to play your Placements.


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Gold Gold 3
3 Matches
Completion Time: 1 day
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Gold Gold 3
3 Matches
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Frequently Asked Questions

We aim for the fastest completion, on average, a Valorant Placement Boost can be finalized within 24 hours.

We have designed a personal dashboard profile for you. You can check the progress made by your Booster and chat with him whenever you want!

As long as you purchase the service from GameBoost it is safe. Your safety is our number one priority, we maintain strict security protocols to secure your account and your anonymity.

What is Valorant Placements Boost?

It's a Boosting service with a goal to secure you with the highest possible starting rank in your Valorant placements. The Booster will play on your account or join you in DUO queue to ensure the most amount of wins.

When can I purchase Valorant Placements Boost?

To order Valorant Placements Boost your account needs to be unranked. This service is useful at the start of a new season or when you decide to get yourself a completely new account with no ranked history.

How many placement games are there in Valorant?

You need to play 5 placement matches to get your first rank in Valorant ranked mode and for each new season, you only need three wins to show your new rank.

Why should you choose Valorant Placement Boost?

Securing a good placements score unlock you a solid MMR foundation. It's the best service for a start of a new season or for your new account. Having better MMR will lead to climbing faster in the ranking ladder.