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Frequently Asked Questions

Valorant Boosting is a professional service where a Valorant Booster will play on your account or join you in a DUO queue to help you reach your desired division, MMR, or rank.

The time required to complete a Valorant Boost can vary depending on your starting rank, desired rank, and the specific service you select. It typically takes around 1-2 days to finish the Boosting process.

The prices of Valorant Boosting can vary greatly, from a few dollars to thousands of dollars, depending on various factors such as the number of wins, desired rank, or custom needs. For a complete estimate of Valorant Boost prices, select your order on our website.

After placing your order, you will gain access to a dedicated personal dashboard where you can chat with your Booster and track the progress of your order until it is successfully completed.

While there is always a risk of getting banned in Valorant Boosting, you can significantly lower those chances by choosing a reliable provider like GameBoost, which prioritizes both security and anonymity.