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League Of Legends Boosting is a professional service where a LoL Booster plays on your account or DUO queue with you to improve your rank, division, MMR or Elo.

LoL Coaching is a personalized service that offers one-on-one sessions designed to help League Of Legends players improve their gameplay. The ultimate goal of Coaching is to help players climb to higher ranks and improve their in-game mentality.

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LoL Boosting

What is LoL Boosting?

LoL Boosting is a service that focus on improving your ranked division in League Of Legends by connecting you with professional lol players, called League Boosters.

Boosting in League Of Legends is the fastest and best way to climb in ranking ladder. Doesn’t matter if you are Unranked, Silver or Gold, Boosting is a usefull tool to save you some time and reach your new peak. With Boosting you connect with the best League Of Legends players in the world, there are no limits on what you can ask them and how you want them to help you.

LoL Duo Boosting

If you wish, you can also use the Duo Boosting option to take the stress out of climbing. Having a skilled player in your team increases the chance of winning a game. It also makes it more enjoyable. Whether you are looking for a Jungler to gank you properly, or for a Support or ADC that will know what to do and will listen to your calls, that’s the way. Buy LoL Boosting

Fresh Start

LoL Smurf Accounts

What does Smurf means in games

A Smurf is a player that use a lower-ranking account to play ranked games against people that are less skilled.

Smurf accounts are the perfect solution for that. You don’t need to climb a new account all the way up to level 30, to be able to play ranked games. The accounts come with a ready level 30 and enough BE (Blue Essence) to buy your best, favorite champions.

Advantages of LoL Smurf Accounts.

Every smurf account come with a fresh MMR, without any ranked games played. This is your opportunity to climb higher in the ladder. You don’t have to worry about low LP gains, if you are skilled enough to maintain a good win ratio, you will end up climbing faster than on your main account. Buy LoL Smurf Account

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LoL Ranked Accounts

If you want to try yourself on a higher rank, or you have no time to climb at your own, this is where ranked accounts come in handy. You can skip all the grind and go straight to high-elo to compete against better players.

Buy ranked account to smurf

If you wish, you can also buy ranked account to smurf against other players. GameBoost offers you every rank option, so no matter what elo you want to smurf in, with our accounts it’s possible.

Play with Friends

If your friends are playing on another server or the difference in rank is too big, you don’t have to waste all the time trying to catch up to them or create a new account on a different server. Just buy yourself a lol ranked account with the rank and server of your choice. Buy LoL Ranked Account

Learn from the best

League Of Legends Coaching

The goal of League Coaching is to make you play better, carry your games and climb to higher ranks in LoL. Coaches are there to help you analyze your gameplay in-depth and fix your mistakes.

Why you need LoL Coaching

Everyone needs a Coach, League Of Legends is a very complicated game with thousands of mechanics, deep macro understandement, proper communication and knowledge of the current meta. It takes a lot of factors to win and carry the game, even the best pro players in League Of Legends have Coaches that analyze their games and help them improve.

Quality of League Coaching

To be a good Coach you not only need to understand and know everything about the game. You also need to be skilled at teaching and treat every person individually to coach in the best possible way. GameBoost Coaching includes former C9 analysts, LCS players, people that are experienced not only at the game, but also at League Coaching. Buy LoL Coaching