League of Legends Coaching

High quality and premium coaching from expert coaches.

Frequently Asked Questions

LoL Coaching is a personalized service that offers one-on-one sessions designed to help League Of Legends players improve their gameplay. The ultimate goal of Coaching is to help players climb to higher ranks and improve their in-game mentality.

Coaches on GameBoost have the flexibility to set their own prices. On average, the cost of League Coaching ranges from 25€ per hour to 60€ per hour.

A League Coach can teach you mechanics, game knowledge, macro, address and correct bad habits, and offer you personalized guidance to help you improve your gameplay in the most effective way possible.

League Coaching is the best way to improve at League Of Legends. Coaches provide valuable feedback, strategies and guide you to maximize your potential and progress.

You have the freedom to choose any coach you want! All of the coaches at GameBoost are experienced professionals with pro coaching background.

LoL Coaching

What is League of Legends Coaching?

League of Legends Coaching service provides mentoring and guidance to help players improve at the game. Highly skilled coaches, including professional coaches, pro players and challengers, use their expertise and experience to offer tailored training, advice, and feedback.

LoL Coaching services aim to assist players at all skill levels, teaching macro, mechanics, decision-making, and more. With the help of a knowledgeable coach, League of Legends players can better understand complex game concepts, identify areas for improvement, and accelerate their progress up the ranked ladder.

Most Beneficial League of Legends Coaching

We match students with expert coaches who help them play much better. Coaches make a personal plan just for you to improve fast.

In coaching sessions, you will:

  • Find your biggest mistakes
  • Improve your laning
  • Learn how to position and teamfight
  • Find your strengths and win conditions
  • Learn how to play macro
  • Get a plan for your climb

With your coach guiding you step-by-step, you advance faster than trying on your own. You gain the knowledge to keep improving and winning more ranked matches. We make sure your time and money pays off. You get back your love for the game and see yourself level up.

Many students go up several tiers in just one season with us. You might not even need any LoL Boosting services once you take some LoL Coaching sessions with us. Some students even become good enough start boosting and coaching others.

Over 5,000 Students Mentored

We have helped over 5,000 players get better at League. From total beginners to experienced players. Many students tell us they are winning more games and ranking up faster after working with their coach.

No matter your skill-level, our coaches can help you improve at League. Over 5,000 players have leveled up with our help. Join them in becoming an even better player!

Why Choose GameBoost for LoL Coaching?

As one of the most credible LoL coaching service in the scene, we empower dramatic skill and rank improvement that others simply can't replicate. Our coaches aren't just high elo players but battle-tested mentors proven to accelerate student growth through hands-on training. Here is why our coaches are unmatchable:

Effective Communication

Learning League from a top player can still be challenging, with so many champions, items, and abilities to know. It can easily become confusing! That's why our coaches focus intently on clear communication and making sure concepts truly sink in for students.

Effective explanation and making sure students grasp concepts, no matter how complex, is integral to our approach. We also believe in making each session engaging and fun too! With our coaches guiding improvement and encouraging successes along the way, students transform from novices to skilled, confident players so much faster than trying to figure everything out alone.

Coaches with Liquipedia Profiles

Our coaches aren't just good at League - many play on pro teams! These coaches have Liquipedia profiles that show their professional stats and career. Learning from a pro who plays competitive League is very helpful. They know the game incredibly well and what the best players are doing. Working with a pro player coach lets you learn like you're on a real team! It's fun and helps you improve super fast.

Friendly LoL Coaches

Playing League and improving your skills should feel enjoyable. That's why all our coaches are friendly and upbeat. We want your sessions to not seem like regular school or homework! Our coaches take time to get to know you and what you find fun about League. Whether you like playing ranked with friends or watching esports, we use your interests to make lessons exciting.

We keep sessions light with jokes and make sure you're comfortable asking questions. Learning works best when you feel happy, motivated, and not stressed.

If you don't understand something, our coaches will re-explain it different ways until it clicks rather than getting annoyed. They reward effort and celebrate when you successfully pull off new tips.

Pick Times That Work For You

We make scheduling coaching easy. There are no set times that you have to sign up for. Sessions happen when it works for your schedule! Just coordinate with your personal coach. Tell them when you are free and want to improve your game. They will be available to coach you during those times.

Whether it's early morning, middle of the day, or late at night - whatever works best for you is great. We can schedule sessions daily, a few days a week, or even weekly. It's up to you!

When it's time, you and your coach simply hop on a Discord call to start training. During the call they analyze your play, demonstrate new techniques, give you drills, review matches, and answer all questions.

We make sure you get all the benefits of our top coaching at times that fit nicely into your life. Let us know when you are ready to take that next step up the ranked ladder!

Can you really improve from League of Legends Coaching?

Yes, League of Legends coaching can lead to significant improvement for players who take it seriously. Here are some of the key benefits quality coaching provides:

Personalized Development: A good coach will analyze your play style, mechanics, and decision-making and help create a customized improvement plan tailored to your strengths and weaknesses. This leads to efficient, targeted growth.

Expert Perspectives: Coaches have usually achieved high ranks themselves and can provide invaluable game insights you may lack on your own. Their guidance on meta picks, matchups, objectives, etc. accelerates strategic learning.

Bad Habit Recognition: Long-time players often develop detrimental gameplay habits they don't even realize are holding them back. An experienced coach spots and helps fix these issues.

Accountability & Motivation: Working 1-on-1 with a coach keeps you accountable to improve. Their feedback keeps you motivated to implement what you practiced together in your own matches.

Faster Development: Overall the individualized training, accountability, and motivation from working with a coach allows players to unlock improvements in weeks/months that might have otherwise taken seasons.

So for motivated players who actively apply what they learn in sessions, quality LoL coaching definitely improves capabilities and rankings.