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LoL Coaching

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Frequently Asked Questions

LoL Coaching is a personalized service that offers one-on-one sessions designed to help League Of Legends players improve their gameplay. The ultimate goal of Coaching is to help players climb to higher ranks and improve their in-game mentality.

Coaches on GameBoost have the flexibility to set their own prices. On average, the cost of League Coaching ranges from 25€ per hour to 60€ per hour.

A League Coach can teach you mechanics, game knowledge, macro, address and correct bad habits, and offer you personalized guidance to help you improve your gameplay in the most effective way possible.

League Coaching is the best way to improve at League Of Legends. Coaches provide valuable feedback, strategies and guide you to maximize your potential and progress.

You have the freedom to choose any coach you want! All of the coaches at GameBoost are experienced professionals with pro coaching background.

LoL Coaching

Benefits of LoL Coaching

Improve at League Of Legends

Coaching is the best way to improve at League Of Legends. A good coach is able to analyze your gameplay from the smallest components and use this information to help you improve your skills in the fastest way possible.

Coaching teaches you new things

League of Legends is a complex game with a lot of champions, mechanics, and strategies to master. It’s nearly impossible to know everything about it on your own. Coaches are there to teach you all of this and help you to learn more about your champion, limits, game, strategies and everything that will help you to win more games.

Everyone needs LoL Coaching

Even the most skilled players and successful teams in the world rely on coaches, sometimes even multiple coaches. Regardless of your skill level, having a coach is always beneficial. When you play, you can only see things from your own perspective, making it difficult to recognize your own mistakes. A coach provides an objective viewpoint and can identify all the mistakes you’ve made in your gameplay.

Fix your bad habits

We all have bad habits, but we cannot recognize them because of our limited perspective. This is where coaches can help. They can identify your bad habits, explain why they’re mistakes, and provide you with alternative solutions to improve your performance.

Tilt less

Playing League of Legends can be stressful, and many players tend to become frustrated and tilted during matches. Coaches are there to provide you with helpful tips and guidance on how to manage your stress levels and avoid tilting while playing the game.

Support Coaches

At GameBoost, we believe in an open market, which means that our professional coaches have the freedom to set their own prices, they also get 100% of it. When you purchase the services of a professional coach on GameBoost, you are not only improving your own skills, but also supporting individuals who earn a living from their passion for gaming. These coaches are dedicated, hardworking, and truly deserving of all the support they receive.

LoL Coaching in GameBoost

When it comes to coaches, quality is crucial. A coach needs to have a deep understanding of the game and be skilled at teaching in the best possible way. Developing this teaching skill takes a lot of practice.

It’s important to remember that being a Challenger player doesn’t automatically mean someone will be a good coach. Coaching and playing are different skills that require different expertise.

At GameBoost, we have gathered a team of exceptional coaches. They include former C9 analysts, LCS players, and professional team coaches. Each of them has completed numerous professional analyses and coaching sessions, making them some of the best coaches in the world.

Win more Games

The ultimate goal of a coach is to help you win more games. There are many factors that go into winning a game, and it takes time to learn them all on a decent level, doing it by yourself will take you years of studying and practice. Your coach is there to make your learning journey much faster and more enjoyable.

Some of the factors that your Coach will improve in your gameplay:


  • Control your champion better
  • Improve your CSing (minions lasthitting)
  • Hit more skillshots
  • Learn positioning

Understandement of the game (Macro)

  • Roam properly
  • Get ahead by understanding macro
  • Get more gold and exp
  • End games more quickly
  • Learn when to fight
  • Do proper objectives
  • Maximize your tempo

Meta knowledge

  • Understand which champions are good right now
  • Improve your builds
  • Counter enemy champions
  • Do better draft


  • Tilt less, remain calm
  • Be more motivated


  • Use pings properly
  • Guide your team towards win
  • Make people in your team listen to you

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