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Hi I'm Firnen and I'm an ex pro player and league coach for teams and individuals with a lot of experience within tournaments and LANS. I am highly recommended by all staff here for my only 5 star review coaching. Each session will be tailored to make it a unique enjoyable experience for yourself and will optimise it by teaching you concepts/stra...
Ex Pro Player Coach All Roles Macro/Micro/Mental Coaching

Frequently Asked Questions

LoL Coaching is a personalized service that offers one-on-one sessions designed to help League Of Legends players improve their gameplay. The ultimate goal of Coaching is to help players climb to higher ranks and improve their in-game mentality.

Coaches on GameBoost have the flexibility to set their own prices. On average, the cost of League Coaching ranges from 25€ per hour to 60€ per hour.

A League Coach can teach you mechanics, game knowledge, macro, address and correct bad habits, and offer you personalized guidance to help you improve your gameplay in the most effective way possible.

League Coaching is the best way to improve at League Of Legends. Coaches provide valuable feedback, strategies and guide you to maximize your potential and progress.

You have the freedom to choose any coach you want! All of the coaches at GameBoost are experienced professionals with pro coaching background.