LoL HandLeveled Accounts

The highest quality Handleveled Smurf Accounts with 0% ban risk and lifetime warranty!

Fresh MMR
Fresh MMR

40k BE ⸱ Untouched Loot ⸱ Level 30


  • 40k Blue Essence (after loot)
  • ARAM HandLeveled
  • Unverified Email
  • Instant Delivery ⸱ Lifetime Warranty

Frequently Asked Questions

All of our accounts are 100% ban safe. We sell only Handleveled accounts with unverified e-mail and lifetime warranty.

The delivery of your smurf account is instant. As soon as you complete the purchase, you will receive immediate access and you can start playing on your ready fresh, unranked account.

We offer lifetime warranty and 24/7 human support for every smurf account!

Once payment is completed, your smurf account will be delivered to your dashboard and sent to your email.

Definitely! Our smurf accounts have a minimum level of 30, which is the requirement to play ranked games.

League of Legends

Enjoy a Fresh Start with a LoL Smurf Account

LoL Smurf Accounts are for everyone

LoL Smurf accounts can provide many advantages, regardless of whether you already have an account or your current account is low or high elo.

Save Your Time with LoL Smurf account

One benefit is that smurf accounts can save you time. To play ranked games in LoL, you must have a level 30 account. Getting to level 30 on a new account requires over 100+ games with bots or other low-level players. However, buying a fresh lol smurf account can save you the headache and get you into ranked play right away.

League Smurf accounts are the way to test new champions

Sometimes it can take hundreds of games to earn enough blue essence, for purchasing new champions to get better at playing them. Fresh LoL smurf accounts can come with up to 200,000+ BE and give you an affordable way to try out new strategies.

Smurf accounts comes with fresh MMR

Another advantage of a lol smurf account is the opportunity to climb higher in the ladder. You no longer have to worry about dealing with low LP gains on your main account as starting a new account with a good win ratio can help you earn more LP per win.

LoL Smurf Accounts are the perfect way to test new things

Testing new tactics, builds on your main account may lead to demoting to lower rank. With a fresh smurf account you can explore new builds, test new strategies without sabotaging your main account elo.

How to buy LoL smurf account

After clicking the button below, you can easily choose the account that you prefer on our Smurf Accounts Shop If you have any questions, we are waiting for you on our 24/7 LiveChat