2 Ways to Change Region in League of Legends

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2 Ways to Change Region in League of Legends

League of Legends is a popular game played by millions of gamers around the world. However, the experience can differ depending on the region you play in. If you want to transfer your LoL account to another region, there are two common methods to do so.

#1 Way: Create a new account

The first method is to create a new account on the League of Legends page in your desired region. First, visit the LoL page and choose your desired region. Then, create a new LoL account by entering your username, password, and email. You can now enjoy playing League of Legends in your chosen region, but keep in mind that you will have to start from level 1 and cannot play ranked until you reach level 30. 

#2 Way: Transfer your account by RP

The second method is by using RP to buy a transfer to your desired region. Log into your LoL account and navigate to the in-game store. Look for the "Account" tab and select "Change Your Region." This will typically cost you a certain amount of RP, depending on the region you want to transfer to. Follow the on-screen instructions to confirm the region transfer. This will move your account to the new region along with your champions, skins, and other in-game items. 

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Account Transfer RP Prices
Account Transfer RP Prices

What Will Transfer in The New Region?

When you change your region in LoL, several things will transfer to the new region. Here's the list:

Summoner Level
Friends List
Champions and skins (ward skins, too)
Hidden MMR value (adapted to the new region)
Rune pages
Summoner Icons
XP boosts
BE balance
Remaining RP (after the cost of the transfer)
Hextech Crafting Inventory
Champion Mastery levels
Statistics: games played, takedowns, wins, etc.
Loading screen borders
Item Sets
Summoner name (if it's available)
Username (as long as it's globally unique)
Eternals Progress
Challenges Progress

What Won't Transfer in The New Region?

While many things will transfer when you change your region, some items and progress won't move with you. Here's what:

Victory Points
Honor Level
Forum Badges
Current Ranked League placement
Mission Progress
Your Shop offers
Clash trophies
Clash Banners
Clash Flag Frames
Clash Club affiliations
Loot Milestone Progress

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Reasons Why Players Change Their Region in LoL

Better Ping

If you play on a server that is far away from you, you will probably notice issues or lags. You can fix that by transferring your account to a server that is closer to you. Lower ping results in smoother and more responsive gameplay.

You can Play More Competitively

Certain regions (like EUW) are known for their highly competitive player base. By moving to a more competitive region, you can challenge yourself and improve your skills.

Play with Friends

Sometimes, you and your friends play on different servers. Transferring your region allows you to team up and enjoy the game together.

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FAQs about Changing LoL Region

What will happen to the account after transfer?

If your transfer is permanent, you'll need to play all-new placement games on your new server. This is influenced by your MMR in relation to the new server's player base.

What will happen to the friends list after transfer?

Your friends list will transfer with you to the new region.

What happens if I transfer account back? 

If you transfer back to a previous region beyond the two-week preservation period, you'll be unranked again and need to replay all placement matches as though you were transferring to a new server.

Why are account transfers disabled on LoL

Account transfers in League of Legends are temporarily disabled during the release of a new patch. It's also common practice to disable transfers at the end of each season.


Transferring your region in League of Legends is possible through methods like using Riot Points, you can also create a new account. Consider your reasons for the change, and keep in mind what will and won't transfer with your account. Whether you seek better ping, competitive play, or the chance to join friends, switching regions can enhance your LoL experience.

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