Faker's Girlfriend: Everything to Know about Her

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Faker's Girlfriend: Everything to Know about Her

Lee "Faker" Sang-hyeok is considered by many to be the greatest League of Legends player of all time. His jaw-dropping mechanics and highlight-reel plays for SK Telecom T1 over the years have earned him celebrity status in the gaming world.

Similar to famous athletes and pop stars, Faker's talent and fame have aroused curiosity about his personal life. One question that often comes up among fans is whether Faker has a girlfriend. The short answer is no, Faker is currently not in a relationship.

In this article, you will learn about Faker's life, career, relationships, and more! Trust me, this will get very interesting! 

Who is Faker's Girlfriend?

Faker does not have a girlfriend as he is all about League of Legends and has been for his whole career. Even though he is famous, handsome, and very successful, Faker has never dated anyone that we know of.

 Some fans speculate that pro gamers do not have girlfriends because they are so dedicated to their craft. Nonetheless, Faker remains single and focused on his passion.

Faker's Career

Faker is considered one of the greatest League of Legends players of all time. Since his debut with T1/SKT in 2013, he has been at the pinnacle of the game, setting the standard for mid lane excellence.

Faker won 4 League of Legends World Championships (2013, 2015, 2016, 2023), 2 Mid-Season Invitationals (2016, 2017), and 10 LCK titles. (source: liquipedia). He is known for his incredible mechanics, champion ocean, and ability to turn lost fights with perfectly timed plays, he has earned the nickname “Unkillable Demon King.” 

Throughout his decade-long career, Faker has consistently remained at the top of his position despite facing many elite rivals. His legacy as the greatest League of Legends player is cemented for years to come.

Faker's Personal Life

Faker turned to gaming at a young age to cope with personal distress after his mother left the family. Despite early hardships, his natural talent and persistent work ethic drove him to excel at every game he played. Even in the face of disappointments and defeats, Faker believed in himself and kept learning and improving.

Before becoming a professional League of Legends player, Faker mastered popular MOBA Chaos and puzzle games. He amazed audiences with his playstyle when he made his debut in 2013, frequently solo-killing elite mid-laners and carrying games.

With the full support of his father and grandfather, Faker left high school to pursue gaming. This sacrifice has paid off handsomely - he's earned millions in prize money and become the face of esports in Korea.

Faker keeps his personal life private outside the League of Legends scene. Despite his global fame, he doesn't speak English fluently and relies on translators to communicate with his over 1 million international fans. While gaming is his passion, Faker hopes to finish his academics once he steps back from professional play.

Why Faker is Not Dating?

Back in 2017, Faker spoke about his personal life in an interview at Rift Rivals. When asked if he had ever dated, he replied negatively, stating that his life was consumed by solo queue and training. However, Faker expressed his openness to a relationship if he found the time and the right person.

Over six years later, he still remains single. There are a few factors that may contribute to this. For one, Faker's celebrity status makes it challenging for him to have a private personal life. As the face of League of Legends, he already sacrifices much of his privacy and freedom. Dating would draw even more unwanted attention.

Additionally, the intense dedication that made Faker a champion does not leave much bandwidth for romance. Between scrimmages, VOD reviews, and mechanical practice - days with T1 are packed. Once home, Faker grinds solo queue into the night. This singular commitment to excellence cannot be turned off.

Faker's perspective on relationships has become more mature over the years, but his primary focus remains on winning. Even after holding his position as a top player for a decade, his instincts and reads are still unmatched, leaving his fans wondering how long he can maintain this level of performance. As long as his drive for domination continues, it appears that he will continue to pursue championships rather than dates.

Shroud and Bnans
Shroud and Bnans

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Final Words

And there you have it - while many of his elite peers have found love, Faker remains married to the game. With his remarkable career now spanning over a decade, fans continue to be amazed that the GOAT midlaner has never taken a break of romance. But considering the unrelenting effort and complete dedication needed to stay on top in League of Legends year after year, it makes sense why Faker's relationship status has stayed the same.

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