Two Ways to Check Your Win Rate in LoL

By Neo
Two Ways to Check Your Win Rate in LoL

Everyone seems to know how the win rate works in League of Legends, but in this article, we will take a different approach. We will also talk about the win rate influence on the LoL community as a whole.

This article is addressed to anyone from Iron to Challenger because the win ratio is well-known in the entire LOL community, but there are some huge misconceptions about the win rate, and we will clarify them today.

Why You Should Know Your Win Rate in LoL?

Win rate is the % of games that you have won out of the total number of games that you have played, in other words, how often you win - it shows your wins-to-loses ratio and the reason why it's important is to help you understand your performance with different champions and lanes.

But the win rate is definitely not a good indicator of how good you really are. People too often overestimate the value of the win ratio. Keep in mind that it can only show you how often you win and that the game with the MMR system is trying to put your account in around 50% WR to make sure that you really belong to your rank.

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How to See Your Win Rate in LoL?

There are a couple of straightforward ways to see your win rate in League of Legends - either through the League of Legends client itself, or by using third-party LoL statistics websites. Both options will show you your total wins versus losses across all game modes. Now let's explain the two methods that will help you check your win rate in League of Legends.

Method #1: Through the LoL Client

The League of Legends client has a built-in stats page that displays your win percentage for your specific champions. Here's how to find it:

  • Launch the League of Legends client and log in.
  • Go to your profile by clicking the profile icon.
In-Game Stats Option
In-Game Stats Option
  • Select the 'Stats' option. 
  • Select your champion to see your win rate.
  • After selecting your champion everything should look like this:
In-game Player's Champion stats
In-game Player's Champion stats

This method provides a basic understanding of your performance with different champions and roles. On the other hand, the next method will show you much more detailed information, and tips.

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Method #2: Through Third-Party Websites 

In addition to the in-game client, there are various third-party sites and tools for looking up your League of Legends match history and statistics. These provide more detailed breakdowns beyond just your overall win rate. Some popular options include and Mobalytics - here's how to check your League of Legends win rate using

  • Open your web browser.
  • Go to the OP.GG.
  • Select your account region.
  • Enter your summoner name.
  • Click on "search".
  • If you're using OP.GG everything should look like this:
Faker's OP.GG
Faker's OP.GG

These platforms provide a comprehensive view of your wins, losses, and strategies to improve your gameplay.

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How to improve in League of Legends?

Now that we've explored the win rate problem, let's discuss a practical approach to improve your gameplay. I'll introduce you to a three-stage process that can help you identify and tackle your core gameplay issues. By understanding whether a problem falls into stages one, two, or three, you'll be better equipped to improve your gameplay and not only your win rate.

#1: Fixing Micro Mistakes in LoL

To improve in League of Legends, it's important to focus on micro-level problems, such as mechanical errors, misused abilities, or poor execution of plays. You should review your ability usage, order of actions, and the finer details of your gameplay.

#2: Understanding Your Knowledge Gaps

Issues related to knowledge arise from a lack of understanding of game concepts, macro, champion matchups, or key variables. These problems can be addressed through education, watching videos, and learning from others' experiences.

#3: Fixing Mindset and Mental State

Improving your mindset and mental state during games is essential to avoid tilting, anxiety, or frustration that can affect your decision-making. Identifying these issues will help you work on your mental game and develop balance in chaotic solo queue environments.

Final Words

And there you have it! - We've navigated the ins and outs of understanding your win rate in League of Legends. Remember, it's not about numbers; it's about improving your skills and enjoying the game. 

Now that you understand the core gameplay issues, do your best to do exactly the opposite, because by focusing on the improvement process, learning from mistakes, and understanding your problems, you can break out of the win-rate mayhem and truly evolve as a player. Keep this guide in mind as you play your next matches. We wish you good luck on the Rift!

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