What is an Ace in Valorant?

Ace Definition
Ace Definition

In Valorant, ACE stands for "ace" and refers to when a single player kills all members of the enemy team in a round.

Specifically, an ace is:

  • When one player kills all 5 enemy players in a single round. This means they eliminated the entire enemy team on their own.
  • A highly difficult and rare occurrence that requires considerable skill. Aces usually involve outplaying multiple enemies.
  • Considered an impressive feat and milestone moment that demonstrates a player's mechanical skill and decision making abilities.

So in summary, getting an "ACE" in Valorant means a player single-handedly wiped out the entire enemy team for that round - killing all 5 opponents by themselves. It's an unofficial term used to highlight an exceptional solo performance. Players strive to pull off aces when the opportunity arises due to how challenging yet rewarding it is.

Learn here what Ace means in League of Legends.

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