What does Ace mean in League of Legends?

An ace in League of Legends is when a player kills all 5 enemy players at the same time. This means taking down the last enemy champion alive so the whole other team is dead together. As long as nobody on their team survived the fight, then it counts as an ace.

What matters most about the ace is that nobody from the enemy team is left standing. This opens up time for the winning team to go after big objectives before anyone respawns.

So in simple words: ACE = Total Team Wipeout. Killing the whole enemy team fast enough that they all die as one. Best kind of team fight victory!

Best League of Legends Aces

Below is a video by Protatomonster featuring the best Aces and combos from League of Legends Streamers, they are very interesting to watch, take a look and you might learn one or two things that you could apply in your games and maybe get an ace!

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