Adaptive Force in League of Legends Explained

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Adaptive Force in League of Legends Explained

Adaptive Force is a game mechanic that influences how players construct and utilize their champions.

So whether you're a Challenger or a Bronze, Adaptive Force is a topic that includes you. We will explore its impact, strategic value in various game phases, and how it compares to other in-game stats. Now it's time to unlock its potential for you!

What is Adaptive Force in League of Legends?

Adaptive Force in League of Legends is a stat that grants bonus Attack Damage (AD) or Ability Power (AP) which scales with your other abilities. Adaptive Force is a feature that can enhance your champion's strengths. It provides bonus AD if your champion is focused on AD, or AP if they are more AP-centric. vAdaptive Force is essential in optimizing your champion's build and increasing their damage output. 

Understanding how and when to leverage Adaptive Force can be a game-changer. It's not just about the raw numbers; it's about knowing how these numbers interact with your champion's kit and your overall strategy in the game. 

How Does Adaptive Force Work?

Adaptive Force works by analyzing a champion's current stats. If a champion has more AD items or bonuses, Adaptive Force adds to their AD. If a champion has more AP-oriented items or bonuses, it increases their AP. This adaptability is the key here, and that's why adaptive force is especially good for Hybrid champions such as Twitch or Shaco allowing them to switch from one type of damage to another more easily. 

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How to Get Adaptive Force?

Adaptive Force can be obtained only through runes. Runes are the primary source of Adaptive Force. Players select runes before the game starts, and these runes can greatly influence a champion's performance. Runes like Absolute Focus and Gathering Storm are known to provide Adaptive Force, adding either to AD or AP based on the champion's build and current stats. 

 For example, the strength of the Gathering Storm lies in its ability to scale with your champion's stats, making it increasingly powerful as the game progresses. Unlike other runes that provide a constant bonus, Adaptive Force evolves based on your champion's current level, offering a dynamic way to boost your performance later in game.  


Conqueror rune
Conqueror rune
  • Passive Effect: Damaging enemy champions grants Conqueror stacks, lasting 5 seconds and stacking up to 12 times. Melee champions gain 2 stacks from basic attacks, while ranged champions gain 1, with 2 stacks from abilities, spells, and item actives.
  • Adaptive Force per Stack: Each stack provides 1.08 to 2.4 bonus AD or 1.8 to 4 AP (based on level).
  • Maximum Adaptive Force: At 12 stacks, provides a total of 12.96 to 28.8 bonus AD or 21.6 to 48 AP (based on level).
  • Additional Effect at Max Stacks: Grants a healing effect of 8% for melee and 5% for ranged champions of the post-mitigation damage dealt against enemy champions.

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Absolute Focus

Absolute Focus rune
Absolute Focus rune
  • Passive Effect: When above 70% maximum health, grants 1.8 to 18 bonus AD or 3 to 30 AP (based on level).
  • Adaptive Force Nature: Grants bonuses based on which stat the champion already has the most bonuses for.

Gathering Storm

Gathering Storm rune
Gathering Storm rune
  • Passive Effect: Increases Adaptive Force every 10 minutes, granting a total of 0 / 4.8 / 14.4 / 28.8 / 48 / ∞ bonus AD or 0 / 8 / 24 / 48 / 80 / ∞ AP (based on minutes).
  • Adaptive Mechanism: Bonuses adapt to the stat the champion has the most of.

Eyeball Collection

Eyeball Collection rune
Eyeball Collection rune
  • Passive Effect: Gain 1 Eyeball per champion takedown, up to 10. Each Eyeball provides 1.2 bonus AD or 2 AP.
  • Completion Bonus: Upon collecting 10 Eyeballs, gain an additional 6 bonus AD or 10 AP.
  • Adaptive Nature: Adapts to the champion's dominant stat.

Ghost Poro

Ghost Poro rune
Ghost Poro rune
  • Passive Effect: Spawning Ghost Poros and spotting enemy champions grant 1.2 bonus AD or 2 AP per instance, up to 10 stacks.
  • Maximum Bonus: At 10 stacks, gain an additional 6 bonus AD or 10 AP.
  • Poro Mechanics: Activates upon ward expiration or enemy champion proximity.


Waterwalking rune
Waterwalking rune
  • Passive Effect: While in the river, grants 7.8 to 18 bonus AD or 13 to 30 AP (based on level) and 10 bonus movement speed.
  • Adaptive Force Application: Adapts to the champion's highest stat.

Zombie Ward

Zombie Ward rune
Zombie Ward rune
  • Passive Effect: Destroying enemy wards spawns a Zombie Ward, each granting 1.2 bonus AD or 2 AP, up to 10.
  • Maximum Bonus: After 10 Zombie Wards, gain an additional 6 bonus AD or 10 AP.
  • Zombie Ward Properties: Last for 120 seconds, grant vision, and are visible to enemies.

Adaptive Force Rune Shard

  • Shard Options: Provides 5.4 bonus AD or 9 AP in the offense and flex rune slots.
  • Customization: Allows players to choose their desired stat boost in pre-game setup.

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How Much is Adaptive Force?

1 point of Adaptive Force provides 0.6 bonus AD or 1 AP. And different runes provide different amounts of Adaptive Force, which can scale with levels or game duration. The specific values can be found in the game's rune descriptions and are an important factor for players to consider when planning their strategy and build.

 Senna from League of legends
 Senna from League of legends

Is Adaptive Force AP or AD?

In League of Legends, Adaptive Force is a specialized stat that provides either Attack Damage (AD) or Ability Power (AP) based on a champion's current bonus AD and AP levels. The system works as follows:

  • Adaptive Force grants either to AD or AP, and it's determined by which one (bonus AD or AP) is higher for the champion at any given time.
  • What if Bonus AD and AP are equal? If a champion's bonus AD and AP are the same, the stat granted depends on the champion.


And there you have it—everything you need to know about Adaptive Force for now. Understanding this unique and adaptable stat is key to optimizing your champion's potential. The power is in your hands to construct truly scary champion builds with Adaptive Force as your not-so-secret weapon. Good luck in your games, make sure to benefit from the Adaptive Force!

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