The best way to Counter Strafe in Valorant

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The best way to Counter Strafe in Valorant

Counter strafing in Valorant means changing your character's direction by first moving one way and then immediately pressing the opposite directional key.

The purpose of counter-strafing is to allow you to accurately shoot while having maximum accuracy from a standing position. In Valorant, when you are moving, your accuracy is greatly reduced due to movement inaccuracy penalties. However, if you counter-strafe correctly, you can briefly achieve maximum accuracy as if standing still, allowing you to fire shots with full precision.

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How to Counter Strafe in Valorant?

Counter-strafing is an essential skill for players to learn in Valorant, especially for attacking angles and peeking corners accurately. Here is how you can counter-strafe in Valorant:

  1. You start by moving in one direction using A or D.
  2. As you approach your desired shooting position, you release the movement key to initially slow down.
  3. Immediately after, you tap the opposite directional key (either D or A) very briefly to completely stop your momentum.
  4. At the precise moment your character comes to a complete stop, you have a small window to fire accurate shots before movement inaccuracy kicks in again.

So to counter strafe in Valorant, press the A key to begin strafing, then press the D key when you come to a stop. This will give you first bullet accuracy in Valorant.

This video by Rem, perfectly shows how you can counter strafe in Valorant, follow it thoroughly and you will become a master with counter strafing.

Why is Counter Strafing Important in Valorant?

valorant practice range
valorant practice range

Counter Strafing is one of the most important mechanics to learn in Valorant, here is why.

Accuracy While Moving Valorant: like other tactical shooters, applies a significant accuracy penalty when firing while moving. Counter-strafing allows players to momentarily cancel out their momentum and be perfectly accurate when firing, even though they were just moving.

Peeking Angles: When peeking angles or holding tight angles, counter-strafing is crucial. It lets you strafe out, counter-strafe, and get an accurate shot off before the enemy can react. Without it, you'd have to completely stop moving to shoot accurately.

Engagement Advantage: By mastering counter-strafing, you can take accurate shots while being mobile. This gives you an advantage over opponents who don't counter-strafe, as they have to either commit to standing still to shoot accurately or accept movement inaccuracy.

Skill Ceiling: Counter-strafing has a high skill ceiling and separates good players from great ones. Precise timing and movement control is required to pull it off effectively in the heat of engagements.

Economic Movement: Since counter-strafing resets your velocity, it allows you to push up angles or rotate more economically without overshooting and overextending.

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Best Way to Learn Counter Strafing in Valorant

To effectively learn and master counter-strafing in Valorant, the best approach is to dedicate time practicing in the Practice Range before applying it in live matches as the practice range provides a controlled environment where you can focus solely on perfecting the counter-strafing technique without the pressure of active gameplay.

By consistently counter-strafing and taking accurate shots on the training bots, you'll ingrain the precise movement and timing required for successful counter-strafing. 

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