Valorant: What is RR?

RR Definition
RR Definition

In Valorant, RR stands for "Rank Rating". It is a numerical value that represents your rank progression and skill level within the competitive mode.

In order to rank up in Valorant, you’ll have to reach 100 RR to advance to the next rank. That works for every rank except for Immortal and Radiant.

RR System for Immortal and Radiant

The RR for both Immortal and Radiant is different than it is for other games. 

To go from Immortal 1 to Immortal 2, you’ll need 90 RR. But to go from Immortal 2 to Immortal 3, you’ll need 200 RR. There is no cap on Immortal 3 to Radiant - To reach Radiant, you will need to pass the last Radiant in your region in terms of RR. 

For Radiant, you’ll need to gain more and more RR in order to rank higher in the Radiant leaderboard and keep your Radiant rank. 

What Affects your RR in Valorant?

Winning a match will generally increase your RR, while losing will decrease it.

Your personal performance in the match, measured by factors like combat score, kills, deaths, assists, etc., can influence how much RR you gain or lose.

The average RR of your team compared to the opposing team's average RR plays a role. Winning against a team with a higher average RR will yield more RR gain.

The amount of RR gained or lost is determined solely by the proximity of your rank to your MMR, a hidden matchmaking rating that represents a unique spot on the massive ladder of all players. Remember, no two players can occupy the same spot.

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