What is Trading in Valorant?

Trading Definition
Trading Definition

Trading in Valorant refers to when teammates exchange kills with an enemy player or players within a short time frame. Now let’s explain how you can trade in Valorant.

How to Trade Properly in Valorant?

Here are some tips on how to effectively trade kills and trade properly in Valorant:

  1. Swing Together - The most basic form of a trade is when entry fraggers enter a site together, watching different angles to trade each other's deaths.
  2. Use Team Flashes - If flashbangs/initiator abilities are used to assist the entry, teammates must quickly swing off that ability to catch defenders blinded.
  3. Watch Flanks - Make sure to have a teammate or two holding down flanks and watching the back of entry fraggers. If they die entering, collapsing on that position helps trade the kill.
  4. Double Peek - When in doubt while taking map control, double peek angles by quickly jiggle peeking from multiple spots to trade deaths if one player goes down.
  5. Check Corners - Assuming entry fraggers will die peeking a site, teammates should clear close corners and spots near site entries when collapsing to clean up frags.
  6. Play Retakes Together - On defense, if the bomb goes down, use retake teammates to trade deaths by isolating 1v1 aim duels and swinging off teammates to bait shots.

Following these basic principles of trading cohesively, communicating, and refragging will lead to much more effective trades and teamwork in Valorant.

What happens if you don’t trade?

If teammates do not properly trade kills in Valorant, it gives opponents map control and momentum. Here are some problems that can happen if a team fails to trade kills:

  • Numerical Advantage – If an enemy player gets a kill and no one trades it, the enemy team gains a numerical advantage in a key location. This makes it challenging for down-numbered teams to hold or retake a site.
  • Increased Defensive Pressure – If defenders get a kill and attackers fail to trade, it eases the pressure on the remaining defenders, allowing them to fall back, anchor down, and stall executes.
  • Economical Advantage – Teams gain more income and can fully buy the next round if they get a few free kills without trades. This disparity in firepower hinders the next round.
  • Attrition Over Time – Consistently not getting trades and letting opponents continuously maintain numbers advantages will erode a team's chances round after round. Trading preserves and gains advantages.
  • Loss of Map Control – Dying for free without a trade surrenders map control to the enemy in the area a teammate died. This cuts off rotations and limits information gathering.

Thus, the failure to trade denies opportunity and ends offensive momentum. Not trading is often a death knell for attacking teams, so trading skills are crucial in Valorant.

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