All League of Legends Level Borders Explained

By Kristina
All League of Legends Level Borders Explained

League of Legends, is a popular multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game that has been a mainstay in the gaming community for over a decade. LoL Level Borders were introduced on April 13, 2022, immediately capturing the attention of the game's vast player base worldwide.

In this article, we will provide a comprehensive explanation of level borders, including what they are, recent changes, how to upgrade them, their themes, and the best LoL level borders available.

What are LoL Level Borders?

Level borders in League of Legends are decorative frames that are automatically displayed around a player's icon. They represent the level the player has reached on their account and symbolize the progress of each player.

From level 1 to level 500, players can collect 21 unique level borders, designed around different themes, and choose one of them to differentiate themselves from others. Currently, the game does not offer additional level borders beyond the point of surpassing level 500 and there are no new announcements from Riot Games for introducing additional borders.

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League of Legends Level Borders Themes

The Level Borders Themes in League of Legends are not merely a collection of random designs but rather a carefully curated tapestry that celebrates the game's rich lore, pays homage to its community and acknowledges the milestones that players achieve on their journey through the ranks. Here are all of the LoL Level Borders themes:

  • LvL 1: Piltover Theme
  • LvL 30: Zaun Theme
  • LvL 50: Hextech Theme
  • LvL 75: Flame Theme
  • LvL 100: Arclight Theme
  • LvL 125: Infusion Theme
  • LvL 150: Shadow Isles Theme
  • LvL 175: Shuriman Theme
  • LvL 200: Lunari Theme
  • LvL 225: Warring Kingdom Theme
  • LvL 250: Freljord Theme
  • LvL 275: Battlecast Theme
  • LvL 300: Ionian Theme
  • LvL 325: Bilgewater Theme
  • LvL 350: Runic Theme
  • LvL 375: Noxian Theme
  • LvL 400: Celestial Theme
  • LvL 425: Elderwood Theme
  • LvL 450: Void Theme
  • LvL 475: Blood Moon Theme
  • LvL 500: Eternus Theme

There are a variety of League of Legends Level Borders themes. As you progress to higher levels, the themes become more impressive, making the experience even more rewarding.

Best LoL Level Borders Themes

Based on extensive feedback from the League of Legends community, it has been widely agreed that the Void, Blood Moon, and Eternus themes stand out as the top choices for Level Borders in the game. These themes have consistently received praise for their striking visuals, immersive designs, and overall appeal among players.

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How to Unlock Borders in League?

While joining the game as a new player, each player gets the Level 1 Piltover border, which remarks their entry point. To unlock level borders you have to play the game, gain experience points, and win games to level up faster. 

If you want to maximize your XP earnings in the game you have to keep in mind that the length of your games has an impact on the amount of XP you gain and that custom games and games under 7 minutes don't grant XP. 

If you don't have much time to play and want to unlock new borders, you can consider purchasing LoL Boosting service.

How to Change Borders in League of Legends?

league of legends level borders
league of legends level borders

If you find yourself in a situation where you want to change your borders, you don't have to worry. League of Legends allows you the flexibility to pick any level border frame you've unlocked previously. 

To change your level border, all you have to do is navigate to your profile by clicking on your icon in the top right corner of the client, click on your profile again on the left side of the screen, then, go to "BORDERS" option, from there, you can choose the border that you like best.

Can you Choose Old Level Borders?

Absolutely, League of Legends offers players the flexibility to choose and display either the newer or older level border designs, as long as they have unlocked those respective levels. Repeat the previously mentioned steps and select the border that best suits your preferences, whether it's an older or a newer border.

Final Words

As players continue to level up and unlock new borders, they not only gain a sense of accomplishment but also become part of a larger narrative that unites the League of Legends community. Each border represents a chapter in a player's journey, a story that is woven into the fabric of the game itself.

With 21 unique level borders available, players have the opportunity to differentiate themselves and showcase their dedication and skill in the game - so pick the border that suits you and enjoy!

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