How Many LoL Games Have You Played

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How Many LoL Games Have You Played

To check how many LoL matches you have played, open your League of Legends clients, go to Profile, then Stats, and hover over stats/champions to reveal how many games you've played.

People sometimes wonder about their LoL Playtime or how many matches they played. In this article, we will explain how you can check how many League of Legends games you have played. 

Check How Many LoL Games Played With: LoL Client

The first and the most straightforward way is by using the official League of Legends client, to check how many LoL games you played, simply follow the next steps: 

League of Legends Client: Stats
League of Legends Client: Stats
  1. Open your League of Legends client.
  2. Click on your profile icon in the top right corner.
  3. Above, select "Stats." This will bring up your in-game stats page.
  4. On the stats page, hover your mouse over your Stats or Champions. This will reveal additional information.
  5. Look for the "Games Played" stat. This shows your total number of LoL matches played on that account.

The Stats page in the client provides a wealth of information beyond just the total games played. You can view your ranked stats each season, win rates, percentages, and more!

Check How Many LoL Games Played With: OP.GG

In addition to the League of Legends client, players can utilize third-party sites like to access detailed match history and statistics. provides a user-friendly interface for analyzing your LoL gameplay over time. To check how many matches you played through

  1. Go to in your web browser and search for your League of Legends summoner name & tag.
  2. By default, you'll see the current ranked season stats.
  3. Select the queue type you want to check stats for.
  4. You'll find the number of how many games played.

You can break down matches further by the champion played. This shows your record with each individual champion in the selected queue. You can also see how many games you played with each champion in different seasons. 

We also have an article on - How to See Your Time Wasted on LoL? If you'd like to see how much time you spent on League of Legends. 

How Many LoL Games Should You Play Daily?

When it comes to LoL, quality games trump quantity. It's better to thoughtfully play a few matches per day rather than mindlessly chain queueing back-to-back.

For most casual players, 1-3 games allow you to enjoy League daily without burnout, while still having time for other hobbies and responsibilities. More dedicated players climbing ranked ladders may play 3-5 games to improve their skills but should avoid excessive grinding that leads to fatigue or autopilot play.

Take 15-30 minute breaks between games to mentally reset. Listen to your body and take a break if you feel tilted or frustrated. Marathon gaming sessions often breed toxicity. 

Balance League with other activities and pace yourself. The ideal amount varies per person based on available time, skill level, and goals. But focus on consistency and meaningful practice rather than simply maximizing games played. Moderation is key.

How Many Games To Hit Level 30 in League of Legends?

It can take up to 40 games to reach Level 30 in League of Legends with EXP Boost. Without the boost, it could take from 130 to 140 games. So an EXP boost is really efficient if you're looking to reach level 30 in League of Legends. 

To skip the grind of playing games, you can just buy a handleveled LoL account and jump into ranked immediately.

Final Words

At the end of the day, League is just a game. Have fun, avoid toxicity, and don't worry about how many matches you've played compared to others. Stay positive, keep learning, and you will continue to get better.

Playing with friends also enhances the experience. The social connections we make through LoL can last a lifetime.

So check your stats to track your gameplay, but don't obsess over the numbers. Use them as motivation to grow.

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