How to Kite in League of Legends?

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How to Kite in League of Legends?

Kiting in League of Legends is all about hitting enemies while staying out of their reach. It's a simple move where you attack, move away, attack again, and keep your distance. With some practice, you can take down tough opponents without getting hurt yourself. Kiting gives you control over fights and keeps you safe, making it an essential skill for any skilled player looking to dominate the Rift.
Whether you play as an ADC (Attack Damage Carry) or any other role, improving your kiting abilities can significantly enhance your gameplay and increase your chances of winning battles.

How to Kite in League of Legends?

In order to improve your kiting skills, it is crucial to have a good understanding of how it works. Below are tips on how you can properly kite in League of Legends.

1. Attack-Move Command

Kiting is one of the most important skills in LoL, and the attack-move command is a critical part of this technique. The attack-move command allows players to move their characters while simultaneously attacking, which is an effective way to keep a safe distance from opponents and avoid taking damage. This is particularly useful when dealing with enemies who are faster or have ranged attacks.

Leveling up your kiting takes more than just attack-moving. You'll want to master orb-walking too. Orb-walking is when you cancel your champ's attack animation right after it goes off, then instantly move them. This lets you pump out maximum damage while still kiting backwards away from the enemy. By orb-walking, you can keep attacking while creating space between you and the opponent, making it super hard for them to fight back effectively. Mastering this micro trick gives you a huge edge in battles.

To execute these techniques effectively, players need to practice and be patient. Learning to use the attack-move command and orb walking techniques takes time, but with patience and dedication, players can master these skills and become formidable opponents in online gaming.

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2. Positioning

As an ADC, nailing your positioning is key for kiting right. You want to stay behind your teammates, but still be in range to pound those enemies. That way you can keep dishing out damage while your frontline takes the heat. Using your champ's abilities to create space from enemies is also clutch for kiting. By timing your skills perfectly and reading enemy moves, you can avoid getting caught while still landing those juicy autos. Mastering that sweet spot of safe positioning and continuous damage is what kiting is all about.


3. Advanced Kiting Techniques

Next, we have several advanced techniques that you can employ to improve kiting. One of these techniques is animation cancelling. It involves cancelling unnecessary animations between attacks which ultimately increases your attack speed. You can also enhance your kiting capabilities by effectively using attack speed and attack-move commands. Additionally, you can improve your overall kiting performance by implementing advanced orb walking tactics such as stutter-stepping and attack-clicking.

Once you've got the basics down, there are some next-level tricks to take your kiting to new heights. Animation canceling is one - you cut out unnecessary animations between attacks to squeeze out more autos. Mastering attack speed and attack-move commands is also huge for kiting smoothly.

But the real galaxy brain kiting move is advanced orb walking tactics like stutter-stepping and attack-clicking. Stutter-stepping is when you rapidly alternate between moving and attacking for maximum DPS while kiting. Attack-clicking lets you seamlessly move between targets while kiting multiple enemies.

Leveling up techniques like these is what separates the good kiters from the great ones. Keep grinding and you'll be a certified kiting machine in no time.

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4. Practicing

The most crucial tip is to practice kiting regularly and stay committed to improving. Set up custom games just for kiting drills and scenarios that force you to focus solely on that skill. There are tons of practice modes and tools out there designed to help you refine your kiting abilities.

Reviewing your gameplay replays is also huge for leveling up. Rewatch teamfights and skirmishes, and break down where your kiting was on point or needed work. Analyzing your mistakes is how you learn and fill those holes in your kiting game.

The more you integrate dedicated kiting drills into your regular gameplay routine, the more it'll become muscle memory. Consistent reps are what turn a shaky kiting technique into a lethal, second-nature weapon. Stay disciplined with your practice, and kiting will go from a weakness to one of the deadliest tools in your arsenal.

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Leveling up your kiting is one of the most powerful ways to up your League game and start rolling opponents. By locking down the kiting mechanics, building up your skills, and unleashing advanced tricks, you'll have a massive edge in every fight.

But don't forget - the path to true kiting mastery is paved with consistent practice and a hunger to keep improving. Put in the reps, analyze your gameplay, and never stop refining your technique.

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