What is Attack Move and How Does It Work?

Attack Move Definition
Attack Move Definition

In LoL, Attack Move is a way to make your character move to a spot and automatically attack any enemies along the way. It's like telling your character, "Walk here, but if you see an enemy, stop and fight them." 

This is useful because you don't have to click directly on an enemy to attack them, which can be hard to do in fast-paced fights. It helps you keep attacking without missing your clicks, especially in big battles where there are lots of things happening at once.

How does Attack Move work?

To use Attack Move effectively, you should first adjust some settings, ideally in a practice setting like a custom game. This allows you to experiment and get comfortable with the settings before playing a real match.

Begin by enabling quick cast for abilities. Quick cast removes the need to click after pressing an ability hotkey, allowing abilities to be used faster. While quick cast does not directly improve orb walking or kiting with auto attacks, it does offer some gameplay benefits. 

Next, go to the game options and navigate to the gameplay section. Here, you'll find an option labeled "attack move on cursor." Turning this on is crucial for effective kiting. It enables you to target a specific enemy, rather than just the nearest one, which is vital in situations where you need to focus on a particular target, like in a group of enemies or when fighting amidst minions.

For instance, if two enemies are chasing you, and you need to focus on the more dangerous, distant enemy rather than the closer, less threatening one, this setting will help you target the right opponent.

Lastly, in the hotkeys section under player movement, you’ll find options for “player attack move click” and “player attack move.” Both are important for kiting. The "player attack move" option shows your attack range and attacks the nearest target to your cursor when you right-click. The "player attack move click," on the other hand, doesn't display your attack range, but it allows you to move and attack without additional clicks.

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