What is Auto Attack (AA) in LoL?

Auto Attack Definition
Auto Attack Definition

An auto-attack (AA) in League of Legends refers to a champion's basic attack that occurs automatically when a target is in range or manually by right-clicking the target. Every champion has an auto attack that functions as their primary source of damage early in the game.

Auto attacks do not cost any mana or other resources to use. Instead, they are only limited by an auto attack cooldown that determines how frequently a champion can basic attack. This cooldown gets smaller later in the game as champions level up or buy items that grant attack speed.

What is the Auto Attack Range?

Each champion in League of Legends has their own attack range number. For example, Caitlyn's attack range is higher than Vayne's. This means Caitlyn can attack from farther away, while Vayne has to get closer.

The difference in attack range between different champions impacts how they play in fights. Champions with longer attack ranges can stay safer in the back attacking from a distance. Champions with shorter attack ranges need to get closer and may take more risk.

So when you pick a champion to play, you have to keep in mind their attack range and what it means for how you position yourself against enemies. Some champions really depend on being able to strike from far away to do well, while others must commit to very close combat. Knowing ranges comes with experience over time. To check out attack ranges, make sure to check out the list here.

How to get better at Auto Attacks?

  • To get better in Auto Attacks, you will need to practice last hitting in custom games. Last hitting minions properly with auto attacks takes repetition to master. Spend time in a custom match working specifically on scoring last hits.
  • Use attack move and attack champions only. These commands found under game settings allow you to AA precisely with key bindings. Attack move will direct you to attack the closest target to where you click. Attack champs only restrict you from targeting minions, etc.
  • Learn champion attack animations and ranges. Each champion has distinct attack windups and backswings after striking, plus different ranges that dictate who they can attack safely. Knowing details improves kiting and positioning.
  • At its core, high volume repetitive attacking hones reliability. Setting aside dedicated improvement time in customs combined with applying lessons to normal games will elevate competency over time through sheer practice.

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