What is Animation Canceling in LoL?

Animation Canceling Definition
Animation Canceling Definition

Animation canceling refers to ending the animation of an ability or auto attack earlier than normal by using another ability or move command. This saves small amounts of time that would otherwise be wasted finishing animations.

How to Cancel Animations?

To stop animations quickly in "League of Legends" you can use a trick. Right after you do something, like an attack or ability, quickly click to move somewhere or use another ability. This makes your game character do things faster and more smoothly. It's a cool trick that many good players use to play better.

How does Animation Canceling work?

Animation canceling revolves around stopping an ability or auto attack's animation right after the damage is dealt, before the full animation finishes.

Every ability and auto attack in League has an animation that plays out when used. At some point during the animation, the damage is actually applied. But often the animation continues for a bit after the damage goes through.

For example, when Riven auto attacks, her sword sweeps from right to left. The damage happens halfway through as her sword sweeps across. But the animation continues finishing the left-to-right sweep, wasting time after the damage.

Animation canceling refers to using another ability or move command right after an auto attack or ability deals damage, stopping the remaining animation short. This allows another action to be started sooner since the previous animation is canceled.

On Riven, you would use an ability like her Q dash right after an auto attack lands. This would cancel the remaining auto-attack animation, letting her dash and start her next action faster. Saving these small fractions of time by canceling animations adds up to improved overall damage and combos.

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